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  • centurionguy26 centurionguy26 Mar 6, 2014 4:45 PM Flag

    I just checked the SEC case and

    it could be completely nothing but the last entry into the docket was on 2/13/2014 and looked a little different and said "system entry docket entry 300 [order] restricted/ sealed until further notice"

    nothing has been filed since then which is a little odd as there had been stuff filed almost weekly since it started

    this could very easily be nothing at all LOL I just hadn't seen a docket entry say that before but I am not a lawyer and have only reviewed 50-75 maybe a few more civil case dockets. Just wondering out loud WTH is going on. But I will add BFCF filed 2/14/2014 the registration paperwork for the merger. Things that make you go Hmmmmm

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    • When a case is not being worked federally they put them in a pending inactive status ,and the filings could be sealed for various reasons a plea, a non public settlement pending release to insure privacy, or sensitive investigative issues or the judge had a side bar and the issues were settled and awaiting a press release by both parties... If the Gov does not like a lot of publicity the news comes out on FRI if they want publicity its good weekly news since press is active. IMHO.The stock would not be up like this if it was going to trial or bbx plead .. The case was set back to next year recently and then the proxy registration etc goes out thats expensive. L man has a great legal team and they won on the same points..Its a moot point and the guy gave up banking anyway. ..Cheers guys.. Happy trails to all

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      • I agree with you............. also am just wondering out loud if Levan and team found a way to get the SEC to allow the merger and listing with the lawsuit still pending. Realistically they could easily argue that Levan has been running publicly traded companies and a few of them at that, for the last few decades and isn't going to hide or disappear. What does it really mater if the merger goes through and BFCF is on the NYSE? BBX already is on it and Levan is still running it and will be till the trial anyway......if the SEC actually wins (highly doubtful) then they can remove Levan at that time from BFCF and fine BFCF whatever amount they were going to fine BBX. Its not like the SEC was going to shutdown BBX with a victory so how can they stop/ stall BBX now from operating as it needs to now?

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