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  • plfblue7 plfblue7 Sep 26, 2013 12:47 PM Flag

    Canadian Companies equals FRAUD

    Next time when looking to buy a Canadian company remember that this
    area of investing allows a tremendous amount of fraud. Their laws cater
    to these crooks. The list of fraud dead companies that are based on
    fraud are protected by the Canadians. In short don't invest in these companies.
    The writing was on the WALL at the time of the IPO. Research Reports
    are very easy to manufacture by large payoffs to the writers. If you think these
    guys will be brought to any type of justice. Forget it. They just go next up.
    DON'T INVEST IN CANADIAN COMPANIES..I learned many many this years ago.
    But they are good shorts because you know crooks run and own them and the
    reports will be fictitious like the bogus conference calls.


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    • I agree- You were right on this one. What a scam!

      • 1 Reply to wolf_z2012
      • Wolf I learned my lesson on jr. miners
        many years ago until I learned from a
        very wealthy friend what the system was
        like up there in Canada and will continue
        to be. These people are the absolute #$%$
        of the earth. There is no shame in learning
        for future reference when investing. I would
        think at least half of these small companies
        will be gone in the next 5 years. I don't invest
        in Canadian companies irregardless because
        scam is a good word for all of them. But I will
        short the weakest.

        Good luck.