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First Trust ISE Cloud Computing ETF Message Board

  • ser3324 ser3324 Jul 8, 2011 1:38 PM Flag

    its sounds like a good idea but........

    There are too many etfs already and a small number of them are the ones that people trade and actually apreciate in price.The symbol SKYY is clever and clearly represents where the cloud is.I will monitor for awhile to see if it is popular with traders that have clout,(SHF)they are the ones that will have to start the ball rolling to help it gain traction onto the screens of individual traders in numbers.

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    • ser3324...

      I agree completely with your remarks.

      The portfolio's top 10 holdings: TIBX, ARUN, TDC, AMZN, OTEX, NFLX, CRM, RAX, INFA, FFIV.

      I've been an Investors Daily [never cared for the "business" ad on] subscriber since 1987. According to the database, each of the 10 stocks are rated 90 or above, which is an excellent place to begin. Yet...OTEX is a thinly traded stock at a little over 300K shares a day.

      I'm staying on the sidelines because every stock listed above is quite a bit extended; most are 20% or more. I feel a pullback in the not to distant future might be in order.

      A correction may bring the price down a bit. More importantly, it will give those of us on the sidelines an opportunity to see how SKYY responds to some heat, should it have pressure put upon it.

      Have a great weekend!

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      • Dont forget APKT bomb company...Some one bout 40,000 shares A.H's.I bought Friday only thing that will hold this back is the correction....but long term I think this will be a winner and is catching on.

      • Opal,

        Enjoyed your comment and strategy...

        Also hope to buy in but only after a pullback. Am a former Techie and am excited about the cloud computing concept (witness CRM).

        The new concepts will play havoc with old imbedded proceses currently employed by ORCL, MSFT and others.

        Right now, right this minute the big game is Productivity and the Cloud concept will not only accomplish this it will do it at reduced costs. The Business is not dependent on a strong consumer and may itself be immune to a general market downturn because Businesses will be in a rush to reduce costs via overhead. All of this will serve as a catalyst for future deployments.

        Tech Trade Journals are in agreement that Cloud Computing can Quintuple in 7 to 10 years.
        Heck even Verizon might run to $100 bucks a share as it is well poised with its Fibre Network and wireless CDRM (Qualcomm) networks for Mobile/Smartphone capabilities.

        Have foolishly sat by and watched INFA run from $15.00 to todays pricing but was always afraid to Buy in and now its a holding of SKYY.

        And since the CLOUD hasn't been fully designed and the true key players haven't been identified as yet an ETF designed to reduce risk and target new up and coming players twice a year makes sense to me.

        If Cloud computing is expected to Quintuple then one would think SKYY would be a good medium to capture some of the action. Maybe it'll Triple or Quadruple??? Do fully expect at least a Double in a year or two despite the Economy.

        Just my Thinking

    • Understand that trade volume is the key for any stock or ETF,
      SHF a hedge fund(s)?

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