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  • schnellj63 schnellj63 Mar 27, 2013 9:47 PM Flag

    For those from three yrs ago a must read post

    Here are a couple of difference's between now and then March 19 stock trades 30m shares closes at 1.21 hits a high of 1.42. next day trades 4m shares closes at 1.19 stock was halted during the 30m share day for aprox. 2-3 hrs opens at 1.03 and again closes at 1.19. My point in pointing this awful truth out to you is simply price comparisons and semantics, this time around it has the backing of much bigger money that makes up for the inflated outstanding shares. Not to mention the private money that is all over this with the understanding that there were flaws the first round but we got a second chance that we will not blow, hence all the key oncology dudes on the roster, each going put me in coach. So however deep your pain is now you need to hope the news doesnt come out before you have a chance to re=secure a strong buy position in the biggest winner of 2013 to date

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    • Where did all Whelans and Rosens shares go to?
      can't find them as holding any! did they dump the off under the radar.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • Okay, Here is what happened, They had the positive announcement ready to go as they were clearly expecting approval

      Do you want me to believe they weren't ready for approval, they were blindsided again hence the delay. Good news would have been shared immediately.

      They were rejected and now they delayed it to the morning so they can tell us they have 50 million and will blow sunshine up our rearends. Its been rejected,,,

      Sentiment: Hold

      • 2 Replies to apf2530
      • first of all I will hold your hand thru this because you are looking for reasons to keep the faith. A CRL clearly states what the issues are for you to fix, right? so with that being said we have come full circle with fixing all the issues spelled out for us to fix, lining up the troops, gathering the nuts to get to this point. Again the FDA has been looking at this product for going on five years they have told them what they liked and didn't like and gave us the op to fix it. Look what is the upside to holding the news for them after bell rang, the rush will come regardless of if we already knew or ten mins before the bell ring tomorrow. Look at the positive to announcing right before the open while everyone is watching and anticipating the worst. Come on don't let the big dogs win another little company from us.