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  • khayyam5 khayyam5 Jul 11, 2013 4:09 PM Flag


    GUYS LETS all thank APF2530 for shorting, your doing a hell of a job dropping the price here... NOT!
    now keep watching your piggy bank of a savings disappear into thin air.
    A Pathetic F@%# ZERO
    If you ever want trading lessons, get this book
    TRADING for DUM ASs3s ;)

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    • Are you serious ? Your first up day with no volume, Guess what #$%$, I shorted more of it again today. Ill be back to rub in your face when I cover at .05

      Feel good today as you will be feeling pain shortly. The fact of the matter is they have nothing pal. Dead money with no news till the 3rd CRL sometime in 2014. Funny part is that no one will trust them this time around and you will not even get your typical pudfa run. We will see who will need the book you referenced. I have been at this for 40 years and have dealt with many amateurs like yourself over my career.

      Time will tell. History is not on your side friend.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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      • dude this has been in the low .40's range for the past couple on months. It got down to .28 when they got the letter from FDA and then back up. To me at least it shows that is has more up potential than down. Tomorrow it will be most likely another up day for this. My average is at .32 because I bought more at .29 so personally I am happy with its performance so far. You talk about selling because they have no product no product, cash, etc but the fact is that they have enough cash until Q1 2014 and most likely they will get approval then which will only take this higher. I am trying to understand your logic of shorting this but have not seen any valuable arguments from you but all I see is irrational bashing. If the price was $1-$2 I would probably agree with you but at this price range it seems more attractive to go long. Having been at this for 40 years you come out sounding like a desperate amateur paid basher.

    • LOL, he's too busy trying to cover his short to be here today.