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  • dbeee2 dbeee2 Jul 25, 2013 12:51 AM Flag

    Who lost their shirt? apf2530

    Here is a reality check for apf2530 followers. A recent sampling of his predictions and what really happened.

    apf2530 • Jul 9, 2013 10:43 PM
    "Because its going to zero thats why. You ever stop to think why its a penny stock ? Because its piece of #$%$ and a piece of bazooka bubble gum is worth more. LOL."

    APPA open 0.38 close 0.39 on July 10th

    apf2530 • Jul 11, 2013 5:33 PM
    "Are you ser1ous ? Your first up day with no volume, Guess what #$%$, I shorted more of it again today. Ill be back to rub in your face when I cover at .05"

    APPA open 0.425 close 0.447 on July 12th

    apf2530 • Jul 13, 2013 11:56 PM
    "Now if that is your attitude then yes I agree it may be worth a wing, but serious money beware here."

    APPA open 0.447 close 0.45 on July 15th

    apf2530 • Jul 22, 2013 12:18 AM
    "These clowns never listened. Still hoping and praying. LOL"

    APPA open 0.432 close 0.45 on July 10th

    apf2530 • Jul 24, 2013 before market opened
    "Yeah ok, I m watching and have been watching a very long time. Its worthless, its .40 cents and going to zero. Watch and learn chump."

    APPA open 0.47 close 0.47 on July 10th

    Just since July 9th it is apf2530 up 0 and chumps&clowns up 23.7%. I wonder how much he has lost on his short? I don't expect him to respond as he has given me my final warning. Rather than paraphrase it let me quote his response to me one more time.

    apf2530 • Jul 11, 2013 11:10 PM
    "I am not going to argue with you, this has been your last warning. You get what you have coming to you. You are thick as a brick."

    Personally I'd prefer to have an intellectual discussion of the short and long ideas. Shorts and longs will both make money on this one in the next 18 months. It is really a matter of timing.This is simply the wrong time to be short or to be going short APPA. Since apf2530 prefers to engage in smack talk only, I'll just end with ... It's like taking candy from an apf2530.

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    • What are you an idiot ? You posted the last 3 weeks, Go back and cut and paste from March moron. Been telling people here at .89 it was going lower. I have done very well thank you. LOL. I shorted 225000 shares today at .47 I will cover these shares at .42 soon. Watch and learn amateur. Thats right I told you exactly what I did. I will be back cutting and pasting it to your reply. Yes its like taking candy from a child... Yes I get to shove up ur #$%$ too while making money. America is great isn't it.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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      • Noticed that I stated it was a recent sampling of your quotes. Being right last year doesn't make anyone money now. I wasn't buying either at 0.89. And when the FDA did not approve I would have agreed it would be back in the mid 20 cent range. Shorting at 0.47 and covering at 0.42 is certainly plausible and maybe even smart. But why would you cover at 0.47 if it is going to zero or 0.05 as you have stated? Actually you said you would cover at 0.05 on July 11th. So which is it? 42 or 5 cents you are covering at?

    • I am still here, got some more off today, you make me laugh. The stock is a broken stock going lower, its called a 50% retracement from drop. You will be making new lows in November, December where I will cover my 100,000's thousand of shares, yes i will be buying your 100 shares that you bought today at .48. You are an amateur. You will go the way of appa all the way, mickasoft and countless others. Where are they now in the poor house, thats where. Just wait and watch I have been here for years and you will be gone soon like all the other morons who believed in this scam. I will be here to laugh in your face. Divmon tells this idiot he is about to lose all his money please.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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      • Dont throw numbers out when you have nothing to back it up!
        Told you post a picture of your position then maybe we will take you seriously
        Your entire savings wont be able to get you 200,000 shares so please
        And I told you when you show everyone, the second you do, Ill show you my long position, and then we will see who will shove what up whose #$%$
        Until then keep your daydreams to yourself and go trade your fake money somewhere else.

      • My my... A little low on your lithium today? Why can't we both make money? Volatility is good for both sides my friend. I just prefer to do it on the long side. Going short requires too much timing for my tastes. Smart shorts and smart longs can make money at the same time if there are enough stupid shorts and stupid longs playing. I agree the stock may take a hit towards the end of the year due to their cash problems. But if it does, it will do at a higher level than it is now and I seriously doubt we will see new lows before the PDUFA date. It depends on how they do it. If Tang pulls the money out of his wallet again in exchange for an outrageous loan interest rate and warrants like he did last time, it may not have any impact at all. In fact the last time Tang did the stock began a long big run up. Circumstances are different this time so I would not expect it to play out the same. This is not a heavily traded retail stock. The is a one man Tang show and he can dictate how it goes. We have to remember his moves are in his best interest and that may not align with the rest of the shareholders. In the meantime this one is climbing higher first. So now I'm a chump, clown, moron, amateur, idiot and thick. Any particular reason you fancy labeling people? Have some self-esteem issues also? I'm keeping a long term core position of 200,000 shares and flipping another 100,000 on days I see short term opportunity. This is round 3 for me on APPA. I have made tons more than I have lost on it. Good luck to you but you won't be making it off of my dime. I know when to hedge my my bet and exit.

      • He is new meat for the pumpers. He will fall like the rest that couldn't listen to reason because they are led like cows to slaughter. Led by mindless greedy emotions. Incompetence is abundant here in waves. I tried to save as many as I could but they laughed at me. Most here will perish.