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  • cuda_wuda_shuda cuda_wuda_shuda Apr 24, 2007 1:04 PM Flag

    Way more important than our CEO comment

    1) Why was there no comment form Lenovo in the PR..?

    2) Why at the bottome of the PR nothing "About Lenovo" blurb.

    3) Why no Lenovo in the Headline or sub headline?

    4) Why nothing on Lenovo site when you search for eSigantures, CIC, Signature verification, biometric or even Tablet Influencer Program..?

    Almost makes this look like something done without full committment of Lenovo inspite of the PR saying "..Lenovo's sales team will actively promote CIC's electronic signature products to its users. .."

    World CLass promotion for what else ...the World Wide Leader in Signature verification!

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    • be careful what yu read in pr. says

      "Through this agreement, CIC joins Lenovo's Tablet Influencer Program". yeah big deal. anyone can join a program. i can beta test microsoft products and be an influencer also lol.

      "Lenovo's sales team will actively promote CIC's electronic signature products to its users." so? seems there wont be any revenue unless levono sales guys sell cic addon. this not to likely in any volume. time will tell.

      • 2 Replies to robor5555
      • "time will tell" ... yes that is the point.


      • You Are dead on... here's some proof of worthless PR's. Look at the date and read all about that "fantasy revenue".


        Redwood Shores, CA, November 6, 2000 - (NASDAQ:CICI) Communication Intelligence Corporation ("CIC"), who brings you "The Power to Sign Online�", announced today that it has entered into a license agreement with IBM (NYSE:IBM) to provide electronic signature solutions and handwriting recognition offerings for the IBM ThinkPad� laptop series and the IBM WorkPad�- Palm OS based handheld device.

        "CIC's participation in the IBM ThinkPad/WorkPad Proven programs as the exclusive electronic signature category provider is the result of the growing need for electronic signature software and handwriting recognition products that make the user experience easier, quicker and more intuitive," said Robert Williams, Vice President of Aftermarket Sales for CIC. He further commented, "The recent passage of the E-Signature legislation has generated significant interest and demand for solutions that enable electronic and mobile commerce."

        "The IBM ThinkPad/WorkPad Proven program brings IBM and industry leading companies, like CIC, together to deliver innovative solutions that meet the specific mobile computing needs of our customers," said Ronald Sperano, Director, Mobile Market Development, for IBM. He added, "Only vendors that satisfy rigorous IBM Compatibility Standards and meet or exceed specific customer support requirements are chosen to participate. We recognize CIC as the leader in a rapidly emerging market whose technology will be critical for meeting increasing demands in the area of electronic signature capture, verification and handwriting recognition for text input."

        In closing Robert Williams added, "CIC delivered a group of products including Jot�, WordComplete�, QuickNotes� and Sign-On� for the IBM WorkPad and Sign-it� for the IBM ThinkPad that have been tested and warranted according to IBM's demanding standards. We are pleased that IBM will be representing our flagship solutions to its direct and enterprise customers."

    • wuda,

      For all the failings of the PR, this is good news. The fact that a company this size, with its global market share, with its connections with IBM would even consider making an agreement with CICI is in itself pretty remarkable.

      Disclosure, I had sold out in Jan after trading/holding for about six years. I was gonna buy back in in the teens, but I decided to add a few shares today.