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  • slickseler slickseler Mar 15, 2004 3:32 PM Flag

    Just looked at screen from my last post

    This is starting to get UGLY on GT!

    My cat is outside so isnt him doing this.

    Must be a fund with alot of stock dumping GT.

    I might have to rethink trying to find an uptick and just short. This smells like a downgrade (another) comming real soon.

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    • <<That is what gets the attention (and ... here it comes ... the IGNORE button).>>

      I can only ask: What took you so long to put this idiot on ignore.

      Have a great night!

    • We (your 2 readers) do appreciate your recent efforts to use punctuation. However, the 2 of us still have no clue what you are talking about then you said " My cat is outside so isnt him doing this." Are you trying to state that " My cat is outside, therefore, he can not be doing this"???? And, if this was what you were trying to say, why??

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      • Read up on the board.

        It is real simple

        There is a game at the state fair that your kid or cat can play.

        A mole pops out of a hole (GT being the mole) and you have this big padded hammer type thing and you try to whack the mole every time it pops out of its hole.

        My cat likes to watch the computer screen.

        When GT flashes green it whacks the screen until it turns red then keeps whacking it.

        Hence, the WHAM WHAM WHAM!

        Just like the game at the state fair, it is so easy my cat can play!
        I let him outside to chase the birds by the pool because i covered my short this morning too early and was thinking it would go up then so i could short again at a higher price.

        That didnt work out so i had to short at the close 20% of my posistiopn.

        This game on GT is so easy my cat can play, all he has to to to whack it down and I make money while I try to tell some of the longs here that things do not look so "chippy" at GT and should consider taking some off the table to be prudent.



    • The volume is pretty low for a fund to be dumping don't you think?

      You are kinda new to all this stock stuff, aren't ya?

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