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  • akronrelic akronrelic Jun 20, 2005 10:49 AM Flag

    One down, hundreds to go

    In a major victory in the government crackdown on corporate corruption, former Tyco CEO Dennis Kozlowski and ex-CFO Mark Swartz were found guilty Friday of stealing hundreds of millions of dollars from the manufacturing conglomerate.

    A jury of six men and six women deliberated 11 days before finding Kozlowski and Swartz guilty on 22 of 23 counts of grand larceny and conspiracy, falsifying business records and violating general business law. They face 15 to 30 years in prison.

    Sure they will appeal, but it gives some hope that corporate executives are accountable for their looting.

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    • Your friend saw what he wanted to see. It doesn't take that much effort to dig a little deeper and see more of the truth behind the facade.

      The water he drank at the restaurant was likely bottled. If he would have skipped the "all-you-can-eat" buffett and walked behind the restaurant, your friend would have likely seen the sewage piping leading untreated to the local river. Only one-third of the sewage and about 57 percent of the garbage generated in major Chinese cities is being treated. Nearly 200 cities altogether lack sewage or garbage treatment facilities.
      Only 60 percent of dangerous waste in Chinese cities, especially waste from hospitals, was treated last year.

      China is presently undergoing the largest population migration in human history. Nearly 120 million people, 40% the size of the U.S. population, have been forced to leave their rural villages and move to the industrial zones in search of employment, which is virtually non-existent in the rural countryside. As the Chinese economy grows, more people will continue to move toward the factories & cities to find work. The problem of providing adequate basic facilities for these people has become critical. The first drinking water treatment facility in China was only installed in 1985. The infrastructure supporting the worker force is critically lagging and this has become a stumbling block to continued economic growth.

      About 30% of the monitored river water in China now ranks worse than the minimum safety standards accepted globally, meaning that this water is not suitable even for the lowest agricultural or industrial uses. More than 75% of China�s urban drinking water is considered unsuitable for drinking or cooking, and some 80% of China�s seven major river systems no longer support fish.

      I'm not suggesting that China isn't modernizing or that they need to be criticized on any level. Please understand that China is dealing with the same problems that the Western industrial revolution has faced over the past 150 years, but their problems have been compressed into only two decades. The infrastructure is being built, but is still in it's infancy.

      China has over 600 major cities. Imagine the population of Canada, Mexico, Central America and South America all moving to the U.S., then everyone is moved to the East of the Rocky Mountains. That gives you a rough feeling for the population density and diversity of China. Now, imagine that you lived in a city the size of Memphis, where there is no sewage treatment and only two small landfills. Where does the garbage go? If you don't have a water treatment facility, how safe is your drinking water? What about the industrial plants and other cities upstream? Imagine, like the U.S. prior to 1940's, that there is no reliable national highway system yet connecting the cities.

      China is growing and changing. The cities of China are becoming more modern. However, there are still major hurdles for the Chinese government to overcome... pollution, urban sprawl, unemployment, transportation issues, water shortages, etc... . It is far from being an idealistic setting. China has issues which ultimately become the world's issues (since 1/6 of all of the people on earth reside there). Add India into the scope, and nearly 1/3 of humanity is shared between the two nations. Western countries need the success of China and India.

      Your friend painted a nice rosey picture for you. You might suggest that he return to China, this time keeping his eyes open.

      YOU should learn more about Wal-Mart and other retailers before making comments.

    • >>Wouldn't it be great to see GT's on bicycles. Lance flying down a hill about 60 mph and bam a blowout just like in NASCAR.<<

      Or like Michelins (obviously you didn't see the USGP). a helluva show if only 6 competitors showed up for the TDF cuz of tire problems!

      Methinks James' imposter knows just enough 'bout tires to be dangerous...

    • Wouldn't it be great to see GT's on bicycles. Lance flying down a hill about 60 mph and bam a blowout just like in NASCAR. Now that would be funny i don't care who you are.

    • I wasn't insulting you even though you desErved it. I believe you must be Chinese based on your spelling and enthusiasm for all that bull shit, I hope your buddy doesn't come down with avian bird flu. His perception is clouded by his preception. I'm not sure of what firms you are referring to but your good buddy obviously didn't get ten miles out of town and see the real China, where "modern" is a two hole outhouse with candlelight. Did WalMaart pay his expenCes?

    • The insults are not needed nor desirved! Yes he talked about the food and went to several resturant's. He said they had anything you wanted layed out from the sea and other sources and that was one of the things he was taking away with. He said it was some of the nicest looking food he had every seen....and you just picked anything you wanted to eat and all you wanted. He said we all have the wrong preception of how they really live. Lets face it man, those old firms of them all riding around on bikes are just that, old. He said their cities where as modern as any new city in the world. They are living well there on our expence, and the main player is Wal-Mart, they are supporting the chinese in everyway they turn, also helping them eliminate all the jobs they can in America. Americans just keep buying this cheap junk products Wal-Mart is selling from China, and runing their ownselves out of a job doing it. Watch a show on PBS called is Wal-MART GOOD FOR MERICA AND SEE. wAL-MART IS KILLING THE ECONOMY BY PUTTING AMERICANS OUT OF JOBS! THEY ARE SENDING LAWYERS TO WASHINGTON TO FIGHT FOR RED CHINA IN TRADE VIOLATINGS. WAL-MART AND RED CHINA ARE PARTNERS. AND .

    • China, India, Thailand are all manufacturing millions of bike tires and tubes. I hope your friend took his seeing eye dog along with him. I wonder how your good buddy liked the diet of fish heads, ground up chicken including feathers and bones and rice. He must be twice as stupid as you!

    • Dont think the chinese are still riding bicycle's like the old days....have a friend who just got back from over there and he said they where building roads everywhere because the car traffic was getting so bad. He said they really where booming over there, and that the old picture we had of them all on bicycle's was just that an old picture. He said we really need to catch up with them now on allot of things. He said it was like the gold rush days all over again. They are living real well.

    • He's got money.

    • have the Chinese make them and put the Goodyear name on the side of it.

      Find a rice patty in the middle of nowhere in China and call it the town of "USA". That way you can put on your tires MADE IN USA.


      Oil prices will not be going down and do you really think the masses of China or Russia will ever afford a car... dream on.

      Continental sells bicycle tires from ($30-60), about the same price as a car tire.

      Michelin is the same.

      Get the catalog for FREE and size up the competition.

      Other brands: Vittoria, Vredestein, Panaracer, Hutchinson, Richey, Kenda, Schwalbe, IRC.

      Hell, if your going to be in the rubber and wheel market place, no sense in ignoring this market...where premiums are rich.

      I wonder how many people have gotten a hernia lifting a bicycle tire?

    • New York State Supreme Court Judge Michael Obus set an Aug. 2 sentencing date and allowed both men to remain free until their sentencing. Kozlowski and Swartz will appeal their convictions.

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