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  • tedgrlw tedgrlw Jul 15, 2010 8:02 PM Flag

    Article: The Louder the 'Sells!', the More I Buy: IMDS, ONP, and HBAN in Focus

    According to the writer, "Imaging Diagnostic Systems has been working on getting - and staying - above its 200-day moving average line for a few weeks. Today's 13% pop took care of that. While prior crosses of the 200-day lone have failed lately, we are seeing higher highs and higher lows now; Perhaps this cross will 'stick' for IMDS. And all joking aside, perhaps a short-covering rally will be the reason."


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    • Longshort: For the 22nd time I am not a paid tout directly or indirectly. I am just an amateur investor. In over the years till this secound I've lost probably over $50,000 in stocks including imds!! So what are you talking about? You just sit back and always falsely accuse me of being a paid tout.

      Longshort- No matter what's happening that is people shorting this stock or whatever it will still surge in price sooner or later- it's just a matter of time. And there's still a big difference between .004 and .0001 don't you think so? I might not have seen all of what your Business Partner Spitz gave me to comment on. I know I proved you guys wrong of falsely accusing imds of lieing about pma submission which they haven't done. I made my points plentiful to you guys and you guys are losing your credibility and IMDS is gaining credibility.

    • longnshortofit Jul 27, 2010 11:31 PM Flag

      >the numbers that I have to back up what I am saying is the low volume which is most of the time way below average.

      HUH? Check out the SHORT interest post that I put our daily now. They show they are short selling in some cases shorting more shares than they can buy back in one day. Investors have simply given up on this stock because they claim they lost all their money and don't care about the last few %. The Grable Girls have made a living off these folks..literally.

      Look over these numbers....and comment

      >Even if they are selling it short the stock price is very stable

      well, DUH! That's exactly what I've been saying! Thanks! In this case, short sellers are trying to drive the stock UP not down by falsely creating a phantom 'interest' in the stock. Think of what the volume would be without it... next to NOTHING!

      >it would be .00001 or so.
      you mean .0001, and it was down to .0040, and it will go there again as they miss yet another PMA deadline.

      >since all you guys do is falsely accuse imds
      you haven't pointed out 1 thing 'falsely' accused! ROFL

      splitzzz gave you a short list of things he asked you to comment on, and you ducked him too. You're just a PAID TOUT, directly or indirectly.

    • Longshort: You're wrong hardly anyone is selling compared to how many shares are outstanding in shareholders hands- the numbers that I have to back up what I am saying is the low volume which is most of the time way below average. You've accused Linda Grable of lying and I have accused you guys of being wrong. Even if they are selling it short the stock price is very stable considering the short selling that you say is going on. If they really could short this stock it would be .00001 or so. You guys don't know how to bash a stock like imds down since all you guys do is falsely accuse imds and imds has recently stayed stable in price despite all of you guys opposition of this stock. Most of the people who are for imds know that it will finally do well.

    • longnshortofit Jul 27, 2010 8:21 PM Flag

      they are selling it pmanever, they're selling it SHORT!

      the numbers bear that out, no lies, just facts you can't dispute. You accuse people of lying, but you provide no data to back you up, you're just an empty gong.

    • lopocodog: Notice how low the volume is with imds- maybe not that many people are buying it at this time; however beware that not that many people are selling either!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      This volume that usually is much less than 1.5 million shares should tell you something!!!!!!
      All of you stock bashers/shorters tactics aren't working. Almost everyone wants to hold onto his/her shares untill the big surge in imds stock price. You guys are silly to believe otherwise. IMDS shareholders aren't foolish like you guys think we are. Also, we're not robots that are programed to listen to all of the false stuff you guys say about imds!!!!!!!!

    • Oh dear, still posting in your Lpocodog persona. Big Ooops.

      Stupid Basher. Apparently today you said your not PAID. That makes you really sad indeed.

      What does your family think of your antics ? Your simply wasting your life away.

    • longnshortofit Jul 26, 2010 11:50 PM Flag

      >I don't have a crystall ball but I do have common sense about imds finally doing it's pma.

      >If imds was a fake it wouldn't be trading at where its been for some time now.

      >I am just an Amature stock trader.

    • Longnshort: You guys are all wrong all the way. Like I've said you guys are twisting Linda's and IMDS words. It's ok for them to say they believe they'll do the pma by such and such date and for it not to happen eight or so times since they will eventually get it done. They're not making any obligations/promises to it's shareholders by saying this and they're not liers/cheaters/promise breakers for doing so. Even if they say it another 22 times they still won't be lieing/breaking promises since these aren't promises/lies to begin with. The fact of the matter is that I have made very valid points to prove all of you stock shorters/bashers wrong. Remember I am just an Amature stock trader. The pma will get done it's just a matter of time. I don't have a crystall ball but I do have common sense about imds finally doing it's pma. If imds was a fake it wouldn't be trading at where its been for some time now.

    • longnshortofit Jul 26, 2010 9:32 PM Flag

      WRONG DOG!!!

      Some things they promised have panned out even greater than they promised!

      They promised DILUTION, and man, did they deliver!

      They even threw in over $1M in borrowed money to get preferred shares AHEAD of the diluted shares!!


    • longnshortofit Jul 26, 2010 9:30 PM Flag

      They are artists at wording things so that, you're right, they're not "will" but "we believe". If you sue them, they will simply say theif belief was wrong. It's all part of the SCAM. NEVER commit to anything. So in light of that, the "we believe" or "we plan" is a promise the shareholders "believe" to be true.

      Ah, and sure, the s/h will let you get away with that once, maybe twice...but fool me 8 times, shame on me.

      You're spinning their commitments and lack of performance is laughable. They are lying by 'proponderance of the evidence'. Dog is right on the money.

      I've already addressed their phrasology in prior posts. They said "we believe" we've gathered enough data. Really? Then why did you change that date several times too? How do you know you collected enough data? If you are about to submit a PMA application you friggin KNOW you've collected enough data. Note that they've never said the clinical trials are over. If you look at the FDA clinical trials web site, it's not been updated in 1 1/2 years! And it says they are still accepting patients.

      So tell me smart man, if you can, is the clinical trial over or not?
      Who's the independent contractor they hired to do the PMA? The named one denies any involvement.

      So tell me why they have stated the "we believe" or "we plan" 8 times and missed every one.

      Tell at what point you'd say they're friggin incompetent if they continue to 'believe' and 'plan', but dail to deliver each time.

      Do you have any test for reasonableness?

      What about their PROMISE to pay off the financing, then not doing so. That was clearly stated as a plan.

      Finally, How about the machine they said they sold (no believe or plan here, they clearly said it was SOLD), and never recorded on their balance sheet. It's been 20 months for that.

      All of these are at a time they need to sell shares (or their toxic financier does). That's not a coincidence IMO, or any one else's. Dog's got that right too.

      You can take the hard legal view, or you could look at the proponderence of the items along with some real lies and know this is a SCAM. Plain and simple.

      Cite your sources.

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