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  • humjya humjya Jul 25, 2007 1:25 PM Flag

    employee morale

    How is the employee morale at Acxiom on going private?
    Is their job safe or are they going to be given the pink slip? overall, how is the company to work for?


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    • If you are looking for some clues as to what might happen with the new owners, then look at the SEC filing on 7/19/07. The link is below. Around page 189 is a section called "Discounted Cash Flow � Potential Off-Shoring Cost Initiatives". The buyers are counting on this to help make a larger profit. The footnote says Acxiom Management made these projections, which means the data came from Charles and his team. Assuming an person costs on average $120,000 annually then, Acxiom is planning to move 84 positions before March 31, 2008 offshore. Then 313 by 3/31/09. Then 563 by 3/31/10, then 759 by 3/31/11. This is very simple, but may help with knowing if it is a good idea to work at Acxiom. I am guessing people inside would have a better idea of what might really happen.

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      • mrhawkeye Jul 26, 2007 5:41 PM Flag

        About time somebody caught on. Just ask any employee who was at the Town Hall meeting last Jan/Feb time frame about the way senior mgmt talked about reducing headcount. The man specifically said 'I can hire 4 Indian engineers to everyone in the States' some digging. Now, with the only hope of the company making money gone because the outsourcing division is significant new deals in past 18 months, that group is gone once the buyout happens.

        I was there.

    • Nervous. There are more rumors flying around than in other "troubled times". I mean, you try to think logically about what the "new owners" are up to, but we just don't know. Today's awful results don't help much either.

      For the 6 years I've been at Acxiom, it's been up and down. People who have been around longer say it used to not be that way. Everybody I work with wants to do a good job, help out where they can and be successful. From today's results, though it doesn't seem like everybody else does.

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