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  • rat_pack_rules rat_pack_rules Oct 15, 2009 11:51 AM Flag

    15 censt and you idiots say tanking!


    Jeesh what a bunch of pansies.

    What's with you guys you think every day stocks go up.

    "Ain't that a Kick in the Head"


    This topic is deleted.
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    • I have only owned this stock for a couple of months and never bothered to look at this board before. Its a waste of time. Whoever called it the blowhard gasbag board was right on. Change you name again to yomblowhard. Get lost and take the a- hole cushion with you.

    • Thanks dblpro, appreciate it. I changed my nick per their suggestion, though. I realized I only post on boards where I like the stock, so might as well be truth in advertizing. It I hate the stock, why waste my time there?

      If people are going to attack me for pointing out they are complaining about the volume when it was the eighth highest volume all year yesterday, I figure not much is going to work on them from the logic side.

      Full disclosure: Can't sell most of what I own without getting killed by taxes, so here until next July at a minimum. Nice problem to have.

    • thejenkster Oct 15, 2009 7:16 PM Flag

      Bill, you aren't stating opinion, you are stating a fact, unless you evaluate volume in a vacuum. Today was a healthy retracement on strong volume. Period, end of report.

      You're making friends fast around here, I can see. You do have some company, but not much.

    • Park & Bill...You two guys should pipe down and listen to Yompkee. He's one of the brighter minds on any of these boards. You both do well to pay attention.

    • This is known as the strawman? LOL. You must be joking pumper.

    • Yompumper, you are losing it, boy. Why so defensive? Go pump some more, it will make you feel better.

    • "People are free to express all points of view here. Not just yours."

      This is known as the strawman. Please point out where I said he wasn't free to express his point of view. Oh, you can't find it? Because it doesn't exist.

      I said he was factually incorrect and backed it up with numbers. You make up a name like "yompumper".

      With two hours left we have the 18th highest volume today in the last three months. We are 10000 shares from 12th place.

      Those are known as "facts" and "data", which are completely missing from your posts.

      Please feel free to post facts. I like facts. If you don't like this stock maybe you can go back over to the CIT board and tell everyone over there how you would be an idiot to short CIT at $2 like you did before (posting history is a pain, ain't it?).

    • Personally I am surprised that the bid hasn't dropped below 1.80 as the ask has fallen all day.

      Must be a lot of cash out there that sees picking it up at 1.80 to be a bargain.

    • Announcing they are going to do something and doing it are two very different things. Sorry pumper, should have seen better volume after the event happened. We all hope it goes to 100$ next week but it is what it is.

    • Give it up yompumper. People are free to express all points of view here. Not just yours. Volume sucked in the past and it sucks now.

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