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  • jc18630 jc18630 Sep 17, 2010 1:12 PM Flag

    Had to jump ship =(

    Oh I'll be sticking around to keep an eye on sentiment. I absolutely love this stock and feel it should be much higher. I just don't want my strategy to be sitting around hoping...I'd rather catch it when I know its back on the upswing.

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    • Not a bad stategy. Look at what's happening here. Is anyone rushing in to buy? The answer is No. And that's with plenty of catalysts ranging from positive company PR's to analysts telling you to buy on this dip.

      Better off at this point waiting for something technical to a basing pattern on the daily for a few weeks, or a confirmed pattern of higher lows and higher highs.

      Or if you're OK with tying up money and averaging down (my situation) wait for the shorts to take it down again which I believe they will try to do (whether they succeed or not depends on if there are serious buyers now willing to buy shallow dips)

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