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  • makin_more_money makin_more_money Feb 24, 2012 7:39 AM Flag


    Ok longs, i have been long or supporting the long trade for a long time but this whole buyout possibility by the Chairman is puzzling. He already controls 38.7% per the filing on July 13, 2011. Why, if he believes the company is undervalued, did GURE only buyback 100k shares in which they had a $10mm share buyback authorized by the board (i believe the $10mm was the correct #). Yang could easily control over 50% of the o/s shares if he would have bought back the millions of shares that were avail. in the $1.x' and $2.x's. Now he thinks it is undervalued and some longs think Yang will pay $10/share? I realize no one on this board can possibly explain the stupidity of Yang if everything is legit and the buyout happens at some high premium.

    I really hope the longs are right. No one believed HRBN and they certainly delivered. No one believed PUDA on the buyout which was a complete sham. Which one is GURE? CEO's actions certainly are beyond puzzling and the price action means institutional investors are not buying into it.

    I am staying on the sidelines until the year 10-k is filed and signed off by the new auditor. I remember when FUQI seemed legit and raised huge amounts of cash/convinced many investors of management and most of us know how that story played out.

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    • Wow...just looked for the first time today. Something is wrong. Soon to be below pre-Daying release and buyout press releases????? Who is selling into ANY strength?

    • sal w/o being rude you sound like a real newbie

      Lonnnggg Puttsss
      core trader

    • If I could just reconcile in my thought process who would be selling so many shares at this ridiculous pps. Thru 9/30/11 it's relatively easy to see the big intstitutional investors dumping but in the 12/31 disclosure that number greatly decreased (instit. Investors selling) yet the price continued to decline. Now we got past the year end selling we have moved up but still have encountered significant resistance...despite such positive news on Daying. Keep in mind, GURE is still barely trading above cash after all of the many positive press releases.
      I am a big believer when something doesn't make sense, someone knows more than you. Hedge funds could easily spend 100k on some DD and if everything checked out, they would easily have a 3 to 4 bagger. There could also be someone "quietly" accumulating...up to 9.9% before they have to disclose but someone is "loudly" liquidating on any strength.

      As I said I will go long again after the audit & 10k is filed, I just doubt it will be on time. I may miss out on something good in the near term but more worried about the downside. Would really like to hear from struftpete (sp?) still out there?

    • OVER 3.25? Are you that incoherent that you can't even be right on your LIE'S???


      Another point what's with the "US" crap in regard to Sal?? You have alot of enemies here it seems and NO friends.

      there is NO "US" on this board there's only YOU and PayBOY.....NO US.....SOBER UP!

    • Let me explain something to you.This is all about making money.I feel bad for anyone that loses their hard earned money.I actually,now that i know the the situation feel bad for payday.I without question would be angry also,but i would not wish the same fate on others.Trust me that people are making money off this stock in the long position if they know when to get in and when not to be greedy.I applaud Makin more for him protecting himself and taking his gains.Nothing is certain,but the odds favor longs that got in below two and at these prices.Anyone that held on over 7 with all the negativity in this sector will probably be lucky to break even.In the last few months longs have made a lot on this stock,and people have been able to do it repeatedly.It is just a couple of months ago this was below 2 and is now in the high 2.You do not get percentage gains like that often in this market.Right now longs can not lose unless they are in over their heads,and even some of those people have averaged their pps down to where they should come out ahead.

    • "Any man can make mistakes,but only a idiot persists in his error."~Marcus Tullius Cicero------Take my advice Ebe,you need it!!!It is a win win situation for you.This stock will be at 5 by April.Just the thought of going private will keep the PPS where it is at.GURE knows this CC is make or break time.They now have too much ammunition.

    • Thank you southern red, that's why shorting GURE these last few years has been money. Thanks!

      Lonnggg Puttsss

    • "Shorted substantially well over 3.25"
      Hate to break it to you EBE, but GURE hasn't been over $3.25 in almost 6 months.

    • Sal you have added nothing but garbage to this thread, get lost, do us a favor. Thanks

      Im Lonnnggg Puttssss
      core trader

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