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  • flow.trader flow.trader Oct 6, 2013 10:39 AM Flag

    GURE Bromine Market Opportunity/new 52 week high very possible

    Bromine Market Opportunity
    Bromine and crude salt are essential for several industries and are used to manufacture flame retardants, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, water purification compounds, dyes, sanitizers, inorganic bromides for photography and other products.

    Bromine is also widely used in chemicals for oil and gas exploration, such as drilling fluids, and in 2007 Freedonia consulting estimated the market for oil field chemicals to reach $14 billion in 2010.

    China is now the world's third largest bromine producer after the United States and Israel. The production of bromine is currently over 150,000 metric tons/year in China, but demand for bromine continues to outpace supply. Global bromine sales are approximately $2 billion with more than $300 million originating from China.

    While the international market is large and steadily expanding, the main growth potential for bromine products is in China. China will soon become the largest papermaking country in the world, and the country's strong demand for oil and gas is expected to boost the domestic oil exploration industry, driving demand for bromine products. In addition, the demand for flame retardants for the textile, electronics, furniture, and toy industries offers significant growth opportunities for bromine manufacturers in China. In 1999 China produced only 2.5 tons of brominated fire retardants, while the output has increased to 80 tons by 2006. China's bromine production is currently only able to satisfy 80% of domestic bromine consumption.

    This translates to excellent opportunities for us as one of the country's largest bromine producers. In addition, we continue to aggressively market our specialty chemical products, while introducing new proprietary compounds for customers in the papermaking, oil and gas exploration, agricultural, and pharmaceutical industries.

    **** The stock has been consolidating the past weeks. Watch for a move over 1.90 then we could see the 52 week high tested/broken

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    • Keep your eyes on ROX.Might be a dollar test coming very soon.Philip Frost,the ceo of OPK and a multi billionaire is the largest share holder of the company.This company has some great products,looks very good as a turn around story. Been following it from .26 cents.Looking for a test of .85 then a break could see this one back to its last swing high of .99.I think 1.10 is possible

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    • Looks like this topic/thread had it right on Oct 6th.
      Nice call flow trader.
      Curious, what was the source of this article?

    • Cash value 2.20s and the book value is over 7.00 . The question is is it time to buy or sell.Make your own mind up.

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      • Who cares what the cash values or book value is if you have no legal rights to them?
        Chinese law is not going to stand behind you if the insiders at GURE decide to go dark and walk off with all the assets as so many others have. Now you can sue and their US based insurer will pay you 10-20 cents, so that's all this stock is likely worth.

    • While demand for Bromine is growing, investors should focus on economics of bromine production.

      Bromine production is very low margin, low profit industry. This is why local Chinese entrepreneurs who have abundant capital do not invest into this industry - you can't make money in bromine.
      Bromine is an abundant and cheap resource contained in sea water. Anyone can dig a hole on a beach and make bromine. If you can produce it cheap enough you can even make a living from it. But do not expect any large profits from a company selling sea water concentrate.

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      • 3 Replies to shulman_knows
      • shulman_knows , you are such an illiterate that you fail to realize that in your false statement you actually argue in favor of a rising the price of Bromine and predict rising profits. When Demand is greater than Supply and according to you not many firms like to get into the market because of low margin, this only translate into excess demand which has only one result: Rising Price and Rising Profits. Of course, GURE is already profitable and Bromine is not its only product. So your infantile ranting only highlights your ignorance.

      • Oh, and please tone down the sinophobia!

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      • So that's why Albemarle is giving up..... no wait, they're not!

        shulman_knows • Sep 10, 2013 10:40 PM
        I sold my Gure stock long time ago.
        Bobby: Chinese business man think differently than western momentum traders. They don't care what the stock price today or tomorrow. They want the business itself and they want it in their family. There is no way they will let round eye suckers to own anything.

        ...and now your saying there is no business here? Make up your mind!

        Vitto Shulman, better stay with the silver & gold mining.....

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