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  • coupon73 coupon73 Aug 16, 2005 7:57 AM Flag

    Message Board is Waste of Time


    Now that your pompous rantings about a "scam" have been stuffed(I am sure that folks reading here have gone to the website and read the Press Release that involves the world's largest printer,ten Studios etc.) and you have fully acquiesced,I will not let you off the hook:

    Once again you have made an eror: It is not hear...hear.

    Now to the subject of intelligent comments about stocks.

    Spike demand. Supply is already there. Spike demand.

    If Exhibitors are to recover from the current slump,they simply need to put more seats in the seats.

    How? Create more demand by positive Marketing. I can not remember any Exhibitor using traditional media to spike demand for Movies. Studios,Yes. Exhibitors,No.

    Lets deliver ways that Regal and the others can save the faltering industry by putting more seats in the seats by making suggestions on this site.

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    • More funnies! Mr qpon "scammer",

      You wrote:
      "Once again you have made an eror: It is not hear...hear."

      I think, could be wrong, but I think error is spelled with two of those "r" thingys! I would usually not point out spelling "erors" because that is not the point on these boards, but you're a bit of a I did.

      I think I'll do what the others have decided and never respond to your "vomit" again. You're like a disgruntled employee so your points, valid or not, are automatically discarded.

      Now so are you!

      No more talk of qpons...please! Can you hear, hear that?

    • I really don't think there is much to save this stock. One bankruptcy after another for the movie industry until they realize they can't continue to raise prices. They are not in competition with other movie houses like CKEC, they are in competition with Home Movie goers (Rentals,DVD sales), TV (NFL season is coming), bars, and of course the ever increasing popularity of Video Games.

      One thing that would kill the theaters but help the production houses (yes there is such a thing) is the same time release of DVDs with Movies, what family would go out and spend $50+ to go to a one time movie when they can own it for the same price? Here is a whole discussion on the topic:

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