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  • nvestmentconsultant nvestmentconsultant Sep 20, 2002 2:27 PM Flag

    Just a caddy but.......

    me and the other caddies notised that mr stone has been playing with balls that have viagra logo on them. we dont know what this means but the tips have been going down and the bag is still very heavy as mr stone is very important man. we have picture of him in caddy shack but are thinking of taking it down. mr stone i think is very much money losing in telecom stocks and we have not seen press release of any camra wins in a very long time. we are hoping for camra wins as tips get bigger. would rather see trojan logo on balls than viagra. good news - i have been in rehab for one week and have not taken drugs in 3 days

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    • OK, enough of the golf course. Bill has a triple digit handicap so that is really meaningless, especially if he is not tipping. Bottom line is no sales and how long in a low interest rate environment can the SSNC money market fund run? Especially when the CFO keeps on investing in bankrupt companies and then the investment gets written off. No sales, only thing going on is Bret doing Maggie in the back of his car with the Patriots banners. Too bad she is too wide to make him a world champion too. Watch out, Bill and Norm (the she bitch of the firm) are on a buying spree. Kneel and bend over employees

    • Well, Jesus, caddy, YOU are truly capable of running this company!!! Bill has no respect for those who know how the company is SUPPOSE to be run, and Bill doesn't have the knowledge.
      Bill is, unfortunately, ethically & morally bankrupt... he doesn't live to see the company survive, or to take $$$$$$, as does Norm, Stevey K, and many others. I would strongly suggest you dose up bill with LOTS of viagra & Chivas Regal & then walk in, tell them it's now YOUR company..... Good luck

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