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  • arak1147 arak1147 Oct 20, 2002 9:10 AM Flag

    Code Bare AZ - II

    The maturity level and type of comments made by most of the posters here
    indicate the real mistake SSNC made in the past; hiring such individuals to
    begin with. It also shows the Company is willing and able to make the
    correct decision and remove these types for the betterment of the Company.
    (who would want people who display the toughts expressed in these postings
    working for them ?)

    Thankfully, these disgruntled people appear to all be ex-employees who are
    obviously bitter and can't let go nor face up to their own failings.

    I'm sure it's difficult for these people to ignore and rationalize the success
    of the Company, but reducing themselves to such talk shows their true
    character and justifies their prior dismissal.

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    • Sorry, but I DON'T think most posts are from ex-employees. Too many unhappy customers can provide this fodder. I've talked to 4 current/former customers of SS&C products & frankly, their opinion of the company is right on - they don't care & won't service their client base. As far as personal attacks, well, I've seen a good number of SS&C management at the conventions & the their own sponsered events & it amazes me they have a client, the way they bash their own customers & ridicule them, while sucking up the booze. Son, get a grip & learn about Stone & company before you comment.

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