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  • skisoccercoach skisoccercoach Oct 29, 2002 8:50 AM Flag


    If there was one positive thing about being laid off from SS&C it was to get away from this nonsense.

    This is my first visit to this board since being laid off in July. But after hearing from former employees as well as ones still with the company about all the stuff that was posted here since July, I couldn't resist checking in. I am posting this to say it isn't me, and my screen name should be a dead giveaway as to who I am.

    For those of you who beleive these postings are from disgruntled former employees, you're probably right...there's too much detailed information for this to come from someone on the outside. Keep peeling the onion back!

    Honestly...good luck and health to all...longs, shorts, Bill, Norm, and anyone who does, or ever has, worked for SS&C.

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    • Well said skisoccercoach. Although, reading this board is hilarious, most of the comments won't help you analyze this stock. There really isn't anything to analyze. SSNC will be around for as long as Bill wants it to be and its stock will hang in the $8 to $15 range with no liquidity. The sales arm is definitely not run well and hasn't been since Morini left. Rooney only tried for a couple of months and then camped out and Brett's approach isn't panning out to say the least. The company is essentially private and a source of amusement for ex employees. Good luck to all at SS&C, god knows you deserve it.

    • OK, so a navy guy has taught a cuban english glad that you can coach cause you sure could not sell but then everything looks better at CRD. I almost went there.

    • Question for this Board. Does this company have a good structured Sales Organization that moves products?

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      • You really need to ask two questions, first does this company have a structured sales force. If you mean structured as in a traditional sales organization, no. If you mean structured as in an SSNC sales organization (that would be unlike anything you studied in school!) yes. Is it an effective sales force process, look at the numbers. Second does this company have products to sell..... look at the numbers for that answer, not just the dollars, the number of existing clients vs last year, and 5 years ago. Look at all product offerings.

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