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  • mhwhalen mhwhalen Apr 23, 2004 12:30 PM Flag

    Papa Smurf

    Hi goodbuddy - the TASR board is so busy that it is hard to be heard. You have good sense on this stock and wise to only put a little on TASR. TASR has been good to me since I have been trading it. Looking (and hoping) for an up move soon.... big downdraft here that the stock has to recover from.


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    • of course this is a special offer for friends of.. Goldman, Sachs & Co. is acting as the book running manager for the offering. JPMorgan, SunTrust Robinson Humphrey, Jefferies Broadview and America's Growth Capital are acting as co-managers.
      I hate these sweet secondary pricing deals at the expense of currnet shareholders!

    • After hours has filled the gap that was created in January. The company's (SSNC's) fundamentals are very strong. Nothing has changed but the share price.

      Load up. I buy stocks in the basement, and this one is there. Still a few more weeks of strong market activity left (on low volume). Looks like the Dow is forming a "head and shoulders" formation.

      Downside on the market. . .the volume is pitiful. Many people are buying options but I'm wondering what they will do if the volume continues to drop in the markets?

      Somebody needs to get on to the "alternative energy" train. . .fast. If you can create a vehicle that will undercut gasoline engines you will be a trillionairre. I have a couple of ideas, but don't have the knowledge of who can put them to use. We need turbine engines . . .that run on electricity until the auto has momentum. . .then the air generated from momentum will turn the turbine. Screw the Arab nations!

      Okay. . .didn't mean to get too off balance. SSNC my next pick.

      Peace. . .

    • Hi Good Buddy;

      I picked up a few VISG, MAMA, and IPIX... most of what I have seems to be security related. Maybe that is because this close to DC, I feel the threat a lot more than people in Michigan. When I cut back on work last Fall, I moved to the Eastern Shore (to get further away from DC)

      In fact we don't have any cicadas here yet. But yesterday I went into Bowie for some business and the noise was unbelievable!!

      ANLT is my only "penny stock", the rest I wrote off this year. With ANLT I buy when it goes down a point or two and periodically it shoots up 3-4 points (I sell) then it always drops again and I pick it up. It is $2.72 but pretty consistent with this pattern (someone is manipulating it I'm sure).

      If I had to watch or see a sport, Pro Basketball would be my choice - but I have worked forever and never had much time for spectator sports. Once I bought a (small) motorcycle, got my license and with my limited time I could either ride the bike or jog. So I sold the bike since excercise was more important! I now get my kicks in the garden, studying history, and playing the stock market. Love to read - especially history and believe that politicians should all study it! History does repeat itself and it is wonderful to see it with many years between the events and now. Things lose their bias and you can get more accurate interpretations of events.

      Keep me posted on VOIP and 3RD wireless. I could benefit from your knowledge since it is an area not usually followed by me.

      Hope your weekend and all the readers of this missive was a great one!


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