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  • squeezetracker squeezetracker Nov 22, 2013 8:17 AM Flag

    Uncle Carl's new 13d on HOLX

    Outstanding and about time a high profile player decided to push for either a sale or new management of HOLX.

    As with the MAKO story(recent sale announced), mgmt can only fail so many Qs in succession before important holders decide they'd rather "encourage" the company to sell out at a 50%+ premium vs simply selling out in disgust. The difference between this and MAKO is that HOLX equipment is not a one pony act -- they have dozens of important women's healthcare related products that all of the strategic equipment majors will pay a nice premium to control.

    This is the kind of idea Uncle Carl was talking about two weeks ago when he said they have an even brighter future coming right up...

    And hey, IEP down another $15 or so and we'll reload this stock for another ride.

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    • My grandmother is a widow and wants to invest her retirment funds in squeezetracker. Should I just her mail the cash to you?

      • 1 Reply to cadillac_trunk
      • She is much brighter than her gumptarded grandson it seems. If she had done that any of the last 19 years she'd have benefitted well given our cagr is just over 38% since inception. Alas, we haven't taken in any new capital for years and she'd likely not qualify on many scores. LOL

        This year, focused on names incl gmcr, mpel, lvs, penn, pcln, expe, sbux, dnkn, iep, tpx, hlf, bac, gs, wfc, dal, alk, we're up over 80% ytd with no leverage and presently only 65% of capital invested. Just for laughs, tell us about your stock picks this year Shirley.

        Now as for HOLX, we on just a small piece so far pending Icahn's next volleys at mgmt's heads... heads up publication in barron's 13D column last weekend though. LOL

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