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  • rootbound43 rootbound43 Jul 14, 2011 5:32 PM Flag

    Could TLON Be The Next 10-Bagger Stock?

    Some say 15-bagger while the biggest bulls say 20-bagger. Deerfield and Pincus have a history of getting involved with the biggest high flyers on the Naz. Personally, I will be quite happy at $5.00 but I will hold some for the home run 6 months post launch.


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    • Root, Warburg-Pincus usually will hold a security and liquidate their position buy selling the company. At $5 pps I don't think they would consider doing that, I anticipate the capitalization will be much higher when they do so. Given the pipeline and the prospects for the future I expect that W-P will wait for something in the $ billions. They are the largest stakeholder and I feel they are pretty savy at what they do.

      With 20 million outstanding a pps of $5 yields a market cap of only a $100 million. That would only be the beginning. One does have keep in mind the warrants/convertibles now amount to about 80 million shares. I don' know how the warrants will be played out - that is way into the future - for now just enjoy the ride. I only hope TLON doesn't need to go back to W-P for more cash which would only result in more warrants/dilution.

      Even considering the warrants I own about 1/1000th of the company.


    • r.oconner Jul 14, 2011 5:55 PM Flag

      reasonable extrapolation would be 15-20X.