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  • retiredtechie_1 retiredtechie_1 Feb 13, 2012 3:16 PM Flag

    RT: Changing Outlook Not For the Better

    As a former staunch ally for this stock it with some pain I now have to reverse my position. The underlying problems holding this stock below the $1 share price are simply not going away. My thoughts on this one rising significantly within the near term window of 12-18 months has changed toward the negative.

    As I've posted here many times, this stock seemed to be a multi-bagger for the record books. Unfortunately I no longer believe that and am beginning the process of unwinding my holdings at this time. Over the course of the next 10 days I will sell my shares. If shorting wasn't against my grain I dare say I might consider it here. My outlook for the entire economy has grown quite dim and my hope for a political solution appear unfounded.

    Cheers and good investing,

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    • the "REAL RT"
      You are just like the rest of the brainless clowns at this chatboard. You continually fail to understand that situations over time are subject to change. In other words, if you want to be a smart "long term investor", you must observe changes and be ready to turn 180 degree in half a heart beat if you reconize on-coming "negative" change - - - and that is what happened to me as I've explained over and over and over to this chatboard. I recognized that change after owning this stock for 3+ years and I ran for the exit, and in the process, I made a 7 figure profit. Frankly, I don't think that any amount of explaining on my part is ever going to be acceptable to you and to the others here. You and the others have your heads in the sand and you refuse to see the light of day that has turned SRZ into a very poor long term investment choice. So be it. That is your problem and not mine as I have no money invested here. I can try to lead you and the others in the right direction, however, I can't make you take specific actions. The crux of the matter here, TomTaylor, is that SRZ's recent share price rise has run its course. It was un-justified given current/future fundamentals. That rise was built soley on speculation caused by the entry of several big players into this stock - - - Carlson, Blackrock and now Scopia. Those companies are into SRZ for the exra, extra long term meaning 3, 5 and 10 years out. That type of time frame is simply not acceptable to the smaller stock player. From here, SRZ shares will head ever downward on poor quarterly earnings performances. That will cause you and your friends to become eventual bagholders with on-going quarter to quarter disappointments. Many of you will eventually sell out when this stock reaches the $2.00 to $3.00 and you will force yourself to take big losses. If you feel you want to fall into that loop, please be my very special quest. I almost forgot to ask, although my former stock market investing class has been long dismissed, are you still wearing your dunce had so people in the community can recognize you as as dunce?

      Cheers and good investing,

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      • mjolivas Feb 16, 2012 11:17 AM Flag

        RT posts as multiple other people. Check out the post from Bmcfad3650 at the bottom of the previous thread. He posted as RT but forgot to log out as Bmcfad3650. He's a liar and will try to control your board. I've known him for over 4 years. He is nothing near what he wants you to believe. Ignore!

      • mjolivas Feb 16, 2012 11:12 AM Flag

        Hey "Are Tea", looks like you forgot to switch id's before you began posting this one.

        If only I could hand my experience with you over to the others on this board. What is that experience?

        Step one, pump relentlessly, use lots of wordy copy, repeat phrases over and over again like a mantra for years if necessary. At the high, turn against the stock and relenlessly bash, use lots of wordy copy, repeat phrases over and over again like a mantra for years if necessary.

        It's ok to leave a stock and to hate a stock. It's wrong to bash the stock in which you have no holdings under the pretense of helping others. How many stocks out there are not going to do well in the near term? Do you go to those boards as well and bash away. No. You are a short and a liar and I know exactly who you are. Not somewhat, not a little bit, but EXACTLY who you are. Your trail of crumbs all over the internet isn't hard to pick up. I've read all your chats with doctors about heart issues, I've read your bio, i've seen your year book. You are not what you want others to believe. Go ahead, challenge me on this. I would dearly love to have you tell me to provide your biographical details as proof. Then, because you asked... I will.

        I've watched you with interest and now disgust for over 4 years. You are not new to me. .

        To the members of this board....I was exactly where you are some years ago with this apparent gentleman, the wise old guru of ***fill in the blank stock****. I used to wonder why people from other boards came to SRZ to hate on this guy. It was troubling, but the web is weird. Now it's all happening on your board and I totally get it.

        He is best put on ignore because someday he will relentlessly bash this stock all the while saying he is out of it and just wants to help out with his 40+ years of experience.

    • Ok, since you ask, I've been in this stock for well over a year - have most people on this board on iggy, obviously not you. I treat people the way they treat me. I consider RT to show more wisdom than most...lastly, I've done considerable DD on Talon and have a considerable stake in it...any other questions?

    • r.oconner Feb 15, 2012 4:09 PM Flag

      hey BM, say what you really think, stop being nice guy.

    • what you have to say about the economy would have made much more sense when you were the pumper from hell. THEN the economy was in really really bad shape and there wasn't much reason then to have any near-term optimism. Funny how that didn't seem to concern you then. Turning this economy, which was left in a complete mess by the terrible policies and decisions of the 8 Bush years compounded with unfettered and unregulated greed of wall street and some of the largest corporations, is like trying to reverse the course of a massive ocean tanker. The sheer force of the inertia heading in the wrong direction has to be slowed, then stopped, and only then can it begin to change course. That's what all the idiots and blowhards like yourself like to convienietnly ignore. Go out and try it with your car, go speeding down the highway and just throw it into reverse. How realistic is that expectation, that you won't have to first slow down (meanwhile continuing in the same direction) come to a complete stop, and only then put in into reverse and start moving in the other direction? We are finally seeing sustained evidence pointing to the fact that the economy has finally started to do just that. First the recession spiral slowed, then stopped, and is just beginning now to turn in the right direction.

      When you were pumping the inertia of the meltdown was still pushing us in the wrong direction, which makes your "economy not performing as it should" argument all the more absurd and laughable. As usual you've got it completely backwards, THEN the economy was in tatters and you were pumping, NOW the economy is showing real signs of recovery and you are bashing.

      RT, you start so many threads it's hard to keep up with them all, but obviously you are here posting and reading, so why don't you start answering some of the questions I've put to you in some of your other threads? I thought that's what you were here for. That's what you keep saying anyway. Try just once to do something on this board that doesn't prove you to be a liar.

    • R.Oconnor:

      Thanks very much for your recommendation. I will look into what you suggest with my own doctors. I have some very good ones and I would not want to do anything like you suggest unless they signal their approval.

      On another note, its onward and upward with TLON.OB from here.

      Cheers and good investing,

    • Thank You R.oconner, I have been waiting a long time to be honored with this award. I want to thank my parents for believing in me and especially the brokers at TD Ameritrade for all their hard work. Thank you everyone, its truly an honor

    • Hi all. I've owned this stock since before the split, and have followed it closely. I don't consider myself an expert investor, but this stock is pretty solid. What's not to like about an already approved molecule in a new package? And the lotion!! I have lurked the board and read it all. I have read many informed posts and will thank those that take the time to do it right.
      I have also seen some childish foolishness at times, but this takes the cake. Do these idiots really think this is a joke?? I worry for the human race. Just had to weigh in...and now I can use the ignore function!

    • r.oconner Feb 13, 2012 3:56 PM Flag

      RT, nothing has changed since July when the FDA came out with their response. Nothing has changed in the last few months except the recent ODAC meeting assigned, which is good news. The issues holding the stock down are the same ones that have been in place since...... before WP got involved!! I don't see any logic here, based on new facts.

    • Beware! Imposter. This is not retiredtechie. It is retiredtechie_1.