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    • Deerfield has 17M+ voting shares. See filings under SEC on TLON website.

      Doesn't really matter much their loses. Possibile FDA approval means everything to this investment. Even Adam F__kstien thinks it has a good chance of approval. He does have a decent record, although not always right. I am in because there is no approved drug for these patients and the safety record is good. It at least gives these patients a chance.

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      • I will be long because of possible FDA approval with low price level (risk/reward ratio, less then $1). but I will never listen to Adam F_ from I was long ARNA and this guy kept bashing ARNA will not be approved and was a good thing that I used his opinion as a buy signal and got more shares after his repeated negative commons but I bought puts just in case as protections.
        He is working for HF and MM.

    • jmck6193 May 12, 2012 2:28 PM Flag

      Anybodys opinion on 5/15 earnings? up or down Mine is I don't have a clue lol
      "GO LONGS"

    • jmck6193 May 12, 2012 2:24 PM Flag

      My bad! Good luck to you. GO LONGS

    • J6193:
      you think this stock is a strong buy.
      Can you state the facts to support the "Strong Buy" rating on this stock.

      I gave this board the reasons why I am careful with this stock rather you agree or not. Also, let be civilized by not call each other names as this will not help anyone.

      I guess I am a "Childish or making pennies" investor is to someone whose trying to get in the long trade by enter the trade at lower price level to max. his/her profit and limit the lose.

    • I (think) I will be able to bought it back at the lower price before the FDA's date, if I missed it so be it, I rather not lose money than missing the boat. There are always more good trades if you have your investing capital. I was long ARNA at $2.56 and got May 2 puts as protection.

      Have you ever ask youself why insider selling their shares not in thousands but in millions at the very close end date of FDA's decision?? Maybe and I hope they he just want to take some profit just in case or maybe the know something that we don't......

      I am not a short seller and just want/hope people to be more careful about investing and do more DD before investing and know when to get out. I do believe we (small retail investors) should help each other to battle the MM,HF and Institutions, after all, someone's gain must come from someone else loses.

      The two main reasons that I longed were:
      1. Good chart patten: consolidation after good popped, this should lead to next leg up.
      2. Could be/Will be good news coming that supports the next leg up: FAD decision in May.

      I got out at small lost due to three reasons:
      1. Chart: sharp broken down and breaking the up trend instead of next leg up.
      2. FDA delay: from May to Aug.
      3. Insider selling

      I am waiting to re-enter the long pos, but only at less risky price level, but I will not short sell this stock. The upside is much bigger than the downside( how much can can gain by shorting a $.80 stock with pending FDA decision).

      As for those people like to call other people that don't share their thinking as Losers, Morons..... This do NOT make you better investors but worst......

      GLTA longs and Peace!!!

    • jmck6193 May 12, 2012 12:35 PM Flag

      Wow I bet you've got a lot of friends (loser) around you then!!!!!!! Your postings on this board (which is BS to say the least) is very comical at best, but it shows your lack of understanding the markets today so keep on making your pennies and we (investors) will continue to profit our hundreds,so good luck to you I'm done with your childish remarks. GO LONGS

    • We will See who's the looser st the end. I will be able to get the lower price before the FDA date. Even if i do able to get it at the lower price, i will only get very small pos as speculative Play. Have you ever ask why the insider selling shares at this close to the fda date? not in thousands but in millions of shares.

      I like this play because the down side is low, less then $1, is I missed the boat because I am carefully, let it be. There are plenty of trades.

      Only loosers attract people!! Peace!

      GTA longs.

    • jmck6193 May 11, 2012 11:57 PM Flag

      Well we will see who gets caught with there pants down big boy, Cause it want be me, I'm all in at 25k@.62 so I'll take my chances. LOSER

    • They are only allowed to sell at certain prices, and they are only selling a small portion of their shares. They can only sell when it hits $0.99, see below:

      Minimum share price of $0.99

      Maximum volume depending upon share price, as follows:
      Up to 15% of volume from $0.99 - $1.10 per share
      Up to 20% of volume from $1.11 - $1.20 per share
      Up to 25% of volume from $1.21 - $1.30 per share
      Up to 30% of volume from $1.31 - $1.40 per share
      Up to 35% of volume above $1.40 per share

    • jmck6193 May 11, 2012 4:47 PM Flag

      Deerfield has been doing that for a year now. It's called short selling. He sold at .98(may 3rd) probably bought back in on the dips. NO BIG DEAL everybody is doing that. It's called MAKING MONEY

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      • J6193:
        "Deerfield has been doing that for a year now. It's called short selling. He sold at .98(may 3rd) probably bought back in on the dips. NO BIG DEAL everybody is doing that. It's called MAKING MONEY"

        every insider must make public on their every trades, I only see the selling and not buying, can you explain the buying part????? if the think they can buy back at lower price as you stated, why shouldn't we???

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