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  • hilla2ro hilla2ro May 31, 2012 12:16 AM Flag


    Dilution coming?
    If so, at what price are you looking at?

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    • hana, you may be right about sooner than later, I just hope the cards fall in such a manner that WP can leverage Brakia (sp?) and Alocrest(sp?).

    • True, WP invested in TLON to make profit, but while their profit making stategy is up to them, a hint of this strategy may be revealed in very near future developments and PR pre and post FDA approval notice/s imo.

      I still will not rule a hostile takeover attempt if TLON boasts a promising and lucrative pipeline. Marqibo is VERY promising and may be lucrative, but I'll reserve an opinion for menadione, Brakiva, and Alocrest, all of which, have their own unique potential.

    • I don't even think the share price will enter into the equation when big-pharma decides it needs to own Talon's products. It's just a matter of time until the risk factor is within a tolerable level to support a purchase. The other question is, will a bidding war break out? Just my opinion, but mgt seems to be executing on all cylinders.

    • I forgot we also have Menadione Lotion!

    • the one thing we have to remember is that every major pharmaceutical company right now is starving for new products. Almost every blockbuster drug has fallen off or is very close to falling off the patent cliff. They need new drugs and need them now. Almost every big pharma has realized that the days of getting a huge blockbuster drug like lipitor or Plavix are over and its more personalized medication or orphan/rare diseases. I'm not saying their will never be another huge blockbuster drug but not as many as we had in the past. My point being that Marqibo is currently focused on a small market with the potential for a blockbuster market and once approved a major pharma company may make an offer WP cant refuse. It's almost a win/win situation since they will have 100 million market already with a potential billion dollar market. I think the sale will happen sooner than later. JMO

    • No dilution is coming. That has been discussed on this board many times - WP will provide money as it has done in the past, if need be. Marqibo is close to FDA approval.

      Furthermore, TLON is hoping to partner Menadione but who knows what that status is. WP will make their money when TLON is acquired by big pharma. I suspect that could happen any time but especially after Marqibo approval. While this approval of Marqibo is for a small indication, it demonstrates the Liposome technology works.

      With additional approvals of Marqibo for other indications and a successful Menadione phase II trial, the cost to big pharma of acquiring TLON only goes up. So the earlier the better for big pharma.