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  • alge7983 alge7983 Dec 15, 2012 3:44 AM Flag


    So other company's have achieved acute lymphoblastic leukemia approval and TLON remains unable to obtain a partner...Hmmm...seems like TLON is dead in the water. Why is it that 4 months after approval TLON is unable to find a partner? All the shareholders get is an allusion that there is a deal coming. I am calling #$%$. at this point. TLON please prove me wrong.

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    • 1Q 2013, it start on Jan 1st 2013 and ends on March 31, 2013. They promised a deal by then. TLON made a deal with the Devil (WP) by selling shares for .35 and we common shareholders are paying the price for it. With 160 million fully diluted shares, a $2.00/Share would put the TLON market cap to be 320 million. I personally think TLON is at least worth that much and that is the reason I did not sell my shares yet. But when you are dealing with the Devil, there is no telling.

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      • stplaids, as we "veterans" here know, their is much value (potential, obviously) in the co. I think the co's and WP overall strategy and expectations are on schedule. We are in the dark and therefore feel the uncertainty, but we are a hell of a lot further along, having made it over the first and biggest hurdle months ago. The menadione study at Mayo's should be a big shot in the arm for the co's future value and pps.

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    • they don't have to do a fire sale, Warburg has "some" influence, patience grasshopper................

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