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  • updownbuysell updownbuysell May 31, 2014 10:01 AM Flag

    CNBC Oil Analyst sees a $25 Correction in OIL Prices Coming, Due to Russian Pull Back, Time for Oil to see $80 Again.

    WTI and Brent Crude prices set to drop as Ukraine deal is finalized. CNBC Jim Cramer OIL analysts sees a study plunge to the $75 to $80 range for WTI and $95 to $100 for Brent Cruede. U.S. OIL Inventory still remains at the highest stock pile levels ever measured by U.S. Inustry Groups. Additionally, Oil Option Contracts driving the price are all on one side which will create a massive sell off that really has only just begun this week. By mid June most pros feel we could be seeing $88 to $85 a barrel. It will be like 3 million people trying to get out of a single door in a hurry over the next 15 days. $ 2 to $3 daily plunes in prices a big possiblity. The largest part of the oil rally has been largely made up by false news reporting. More people are killed in U.S. Cities in one night, then the entire so called Ukraine Russian Civil War. A joke.

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    • Not so funny joke now. Russia is only one part of the puzzle. Maybe you can remove your post?
      Most DANGEROUS is ISIS, and the way Iraq Solders are running off, (or so it is being shown).
      And all the Money they have stolen from Iraq bank. Then you can think about the unrest in VENEZUELA,
      NIGERIA, LIBYA, IRAN, SUDAN, EGYPT, VIETNAM, and Mexico. I think we USA uses 19 Million bpd
      so the 3.6 mmbpd NEW OIL is nice, but not going to stop imports of OIL. And everyone knows that Saudi
      Arabia set the price of OIL. Which they want it at $100 barrel.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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