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  • sicilgiov sicilgiov May 17, 1999 8:10 PM Flag

    Things are looking bad...

    Quarterly income= $800,000 or .10/share

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    • Only an unintellegent person would beleive that
      they could fix a problem by only addressing 1 cause.
      LMIA hasn't gotten where it is today by showing its
      self to be unintellegent. Our plan, to realign and get
      rid of the dead weight, starts at the very top and
      goes down.
      It would be in bad form for me to name
      names (unnamed company) so all I can say is, there is
      more than one company now and there will be more in
      the future.
      The number one priority in any
      business is customer satisfaction. Happy customers means
      that they will use your services again, this inturn,
      means that you will make more money and making more
      money is always good for investors. Just remember, Rome
      wasn't built in a day.

    • Perhaps management should take a look at not only
      their manufacturing efficiencies but also at their
      administrative overhead as well as bloated management costs.
      True, sales are down, but addressing only part of the
      problem perpetuates the mindset that someone else is

      Management is ultimately responsible and needs to act

      Where are the new contracts?
      Why is LMI not the top
      or one of the top performing suppliers with more
      than one unnamed company?

    • is sleeping. Give them a call to wakeup. All the investors are suffering. Tell them to fire their Investor Relations Staff. They are bunch of incompetent people.

    • An extremely undervalue stock. Current price <
      $6; Book value >$16; ESP for next quarter $0.70;
      1999 $3.00; next year $3.90.
      FCFC was sold off in
      the last several days probably by an ex-leader. He is
      very bitter about the management doing away with his
      position by promoting him into non-existance.
      FCFC has
      touched bottom yesterday and rebounded by over 13% today.

    • Thank you for providing the insight. I am not
      negative on LMIA. My only comment is that their investor
      Relations Dept is not performing and should be staffed by
      more competent, aggressive personnel. They should
      issue a News Release when the Company is awarded a
      contract. no matter how small. This will keep the attention
      of shareholders. In fact, shareholders have a right
      to know when a Contract is awarded. If you have some
      say in LMIA, please convey to the Senior Management
      the desirability of purging the Incompetent Staff in
      Investor Relations Dept and replace it with more
      aggressive staff. It is Doable. Good Luck

    • This information is for all the negative persons
      who have commented about LMI Aerospace on this
      I happen to be an employee/owner of LMI Aerospace
      who works with one of our largest customers daily, so
      I know a little bit about the company. Having said
      that, you can take my comments and information for
      whatever you think it is worth.
      It is true that our
      projections for this year are going to be a challenge to meet
      due to the down turn in the industry, but we are far
      from down and out. We are using this opportunity to
      make some adjustments in the way we opperate. We are
      purging the dead weight, focusing on effeciency and
      quality and positioning ourselves to be in the ring when
      it comes time to bid on future contracts. Our goal
      coming out of this is to be a lean, mean, World Class
      Manufacturing machine.(As it were)
      At this time we are
      activly pursuing contracts with many different companies,
      both commercial and military. We are currently the top
      perfoming subcontractor for one of our larger customers and
      this status should put us in the top running to get
      more contracts with that customer.
      I was there when
      LMI was small, I paticipated in the IPO and I am
      looking foward to seeing in my investment produce
      substancial dividends. My advice to anyone who is looking for
      a company to buy low and sell high or invest for
      the long haul now is your chance.

    • Correct about the TTM PE. We'll see what happens
      during the course of the year.

      LMIA provides
      components for the Lockheed-Martin C-130 and F-16 and for
      Boeing AWACS, F-18, and F-15. The Lockheed-Martin
      connection should give them a leg up when production of the
      F-22 begins. The Joint Strike Fighter will be made by
      either Boeing or Lockheed so hopefully they will get on
      that one. It will be huge - and could be a bad sign if
      they are not included.


    • but the PE stated on the Yahoo profile is twelve
      trailing months...if you use the most recent quarter,
      $800,000 earnings, multiply by 4 to get 3.2MM per year
      (assuming earning don't fall any further) then we've got a
      PE of 38MM/3.2MM = closer to 12.

      if this is
      the bottom on the earnings, then i might pick up some
      more. thanks again for the very high quality post, it's
      good info like that which makes the message boards

      i'm a believer in the futer of the aerospace industry
      in general, especially the defense portion. Does
      LMIA have any defense related business that has a
      chance to grow, or are they looking at that marketplace?

    • Thank you for bringing the facts out on LMIA. In
      the Annual Report, they have given a separate
      telephone no. for Investor Relations Department. It is
      usual practice at similar companies to issue a news
      release when new substantial orders are received. That
      gives the investors a hope that backload is building
      which will sometime later help the company make good
      earnings. Keeping investors in the dark in not the
      solution. No body is asking to issue news releases on every
      invoice, but such releases on substantial orders is a must
      which falls within the jurisdiction of investor
      relations dept. If they cannot do it, why are they getting
      paid. It is simple question of being paid for doing
      nothing. They are not doing their job.


    • In the future please point out factual errors. In
      the future I will try to avoid using anatomical

      I have done a great deal of due diligence on LMI
      Aerospace. I work for Boeing's largest supplier so I suspect
      I know a little bit about the business. Hiccups in
      Seattle cause business nausea (oops, analogy) at $14
      billion companies so imagine what they can do to $50
      million companies.

      My read on management
      statements is that they are realistic about the short term
      market conditions. The company does not imply in any way
      that they are having "problems with Boeing." My
      previous comment that the poor performance of small caps
      still applies. This just happens to be an example of a
      small cap that is also being hit by an industry down

      Boeing's market has been through a dip in the market cycle
      due largely to the Asian flu. This is beyond Boeing's
      control (so obviously it is also beyond LMIA's control)
      The recent announcement by a Chinese airline to
      purchase $4 billion worth of 747 and 777 planes, the
      largest since the flu hit the Far East, has been
      interpreted by the industry as a possible turning point in
      Asia. LMIA receives revenue from these

      LMIA continues to supply 14,000 different parts for
      the 737, 747, 757,767, 777, GIV, GV, Canadair, C-130
      and F16. Those parts are supplied through exclusive
      source contracts. This represents business with four
      separate airframers and provides more than enough business
      opportunity for a $50M company to grow.

      If you read
      the significant news releases, you know that one of
      LMIA's acquisitions last summer was in the Dallas-Fort
      Worth area. This will support the Lockheed-Martin
      aerospace plants building F-16s. It can also lead to new
      business with Bell-Helicopter, which is located in the DFW

      The aerospace industry projects that the
      size of the current fleet of jetliners will double by
      2017 and that revenue service miles will increase by
      nearly 150%. These are long term factors which support a
      decision to make a long term investment in aerospace

      The shortage this quarter (and probaly next) was
      caused by the decline in 747 deliveries which were not
      offset by growing 737 shipments. It is a short term
      problem, however. I have seen no information to make me
      believe that the company is in jeopardy. At it's current
      PE of 7.0, I see this as a great buying

      Slamming the company because you bought the IPO (in the
      middle of the Asian flu) is whining. Complaining that
      the Investor Relations department is not forwarding
      copies of every invoice is whining. It has been my
      experience that the IR department in small companies
      includes the CEO's secretary. If you're polite when you
      call, you'll usually end up talking to the CEO

      If you have factual information to share fine. If
      you interpret the facts I have stated differently,
      tell me your interpretation. Don't call me stupid just
      because you already lost money.

      Have a nice


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