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  • makeitfly makeitfly Jun 16, 1999 7:17 PM Flag

    It's not your fault

    That you own this stock.

    Why was the stock
    beaten down today? Because management is just not doing
    the job. Let me repeat that fact. They are not doing
    their job. They probably only leave their office when
    there is a very serious problem, otherwise they most
    likely are at some meeting rather than attending to
    producing their product or helping those who do produce.

    Management IS responsible. The market reflects the future
    prospects for every publicly traded company. Whatever is
    going on at LMIA you can bet the stock trades with that
    knowledge in mind.

    Oh, by the way, where are all the
    new contracts? Even in slow times companies receive
    new work. Maybe they're so busy that they've not the
    time to issue any press releases.

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    • Strict criteria and a disciplined trading method can minimize losses and maximize gains. The track record speaks for itself!

      WWW. T R A D E R S F O R U M.NET

    • what does the Isralie order mean in terms of
      dollars for LMIA?

      and what about the recent move
      up...i doubled down at 4 1/4...certainly happier now,
      but will we have a serious move with all the good
      news at Boeing?

    • Sold half my position today. I'm still long LMIA
      and have a buy order in if profit taking drives it
      back down. Looks like it'll have a tough time staying
      above 5 until earnings come out. Welcome new investors!
      Great fundamentals in this one.

    • I posted a factual statement of Leonards last
      night and no wonder there were more posts than in the
      history of the company being on the open market. Well I'm
      glad to see you are alive, I do have to be some-what
      curious as to why nobody disputes the facts. Well if
      anyone out there could they would! This company has mass
      potential not only in there capital but in there people.
      When I hear reports from my company in the field of
      disregard for the customer relations and sexual harasment
      not to mention hostile work enviroments I have to
      draw the line.I work in the aerospace buisness and
      have for several years - never before have I seen a
      company with a more dedicated work force than this
      company.I also must admit that I have visited all of there
      plants as part of our buisness management group.The
      Management of the Tulsa plant should get a medal for what
      they have to work with, The St. Charles plant is a
      hard working area also. The Auburn plant next door to
      the customer headquarters is a serious problem. Tell
      me one other buisness that can operate were a human
      resource rep. keeps quiting. There is a serious tension
      between management and employees - Since the only skilled
      manager Mr. Huan left the Auburn plant the facility has
      been left to try it,s best and a million dollars after
      law suits it's not working. Please Mr. Saks shake up
      your Auburn managers.

    • for I see tremendous potential here in terms of
      stock appreciation.
      1 Long term contracts with
      Boeing, Bell, Lockheed

      2 Not a high flyer only 2
      analyst covering it

      3 Been in the Areospace
      industry for 50 years

      4 Debt ratio of .06

      5 Cash on hand 1 share=$2.74 (FLOAT

      The only downside is the name should be

    • My guess would be that LMIA will not hold the
      peak seen today, within a few days it will probably
      return to the low 4's. I base this opinion on the fact
      that I believe that the prices today are a result of
      the recommendation, and without some real news it
      usually returns to levels previously seen within a few
      days. I have a bid in at 4.25. The long-term prospects
      look good, although I wouldn't be in this for any
      short-term expectation of making money. Doubling in 3-5
      years is the goal!

      Again good luck

    • The Prudent Speculator recommended LMIA as
      "tonight's hotline", they hihglight stocks on Tuesday's and

      They state ... "we would not hesitate to buy LMIA at
      prices below $4.90, as it trades for just 65% of sales,
      80% of book value and 6.3 times current earnings. Our
      3-5 year high valuation is $10.00."

      recommendation is not based on any particular news, but rather
      based on the fact that it is undervalued according to
      the Prud. Spec.

      If you are not familiar with
      the Speculator, it is one of the better newsletters
      with one of the best performances (on its own
      portfolio). It is very expensive for a newsletter 200-300 per

      Good luck

    • Would you please give more details about the hotline that was issiued? Thanks Analyst.

    • Reason for burst today is a yesterday's Hotline Pick from the Prudent Speculator.

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