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  • mamabearsucks mamabearsucks Oct 24, 2008 7:56 PM Flag

    Regions getting 3.5B from Tarp

    Buying "crap" is all relative. What this means is that RF is now one of the "chosen ones" that will be backstopped by the fed. They will use this money, and likely future money granted to roll up smaller players getting an even broader deposit base.

    Think about the past few weeks. JPM & WFC were among the chonsen national players, and now you have RF becoming one on a more local level. Expect them to pick up several smaller banks that won't get TARP money (see NCC deal today. The NCCs will be forced to merge with the RFs of the world).

    congratulations to the longs. Though it would be nice to see how dilutive the warrants are. Not that it really matters all that much given the share price (and the fact they were given warrants with the sole purpose of participating in the stock going up, which means they aren't going to kill the stock).

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    • If enhanceing deposits without greater liabilities is the deal, great.
      Is this a $9 stock because of perception or fact? This jumped to 19 on
      fed "help" rumor. The help has materialized, we know balance sheet.
      What's the true value and when is this realized?

    • I thought they were buying preferred equity investments.....all I know is the stock is up 50 cents after hours.....god, some hope that they won't get jerk up or off by Citi or some bank like em for nothing.....maybe I can live for 4 or 5 years to see some fruit to this deal....that is unless the CEO gets all the goodies, if there be any....

    • I like your quote. "What this means is that RF is now one of the "chosen ones""

      This is true. The Force is with RF. Yodablueballs is on the wrong side of the force.

      To many, Dowd is a cheat and overpaid. Not true. He understands the politics going on. He has positioned RF to benefit from this turmoil and be an acquirer rather than one eaten by the sharks.

      My pension is with RF. So I keep up. I dont necessarily like Dowd but I think he is the best one to have in your foxhole right now.

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      • yeah sure, I've been in his foxhole for a lot of years, think he used me & many like me for the cover an the foxhole. I know I have a lot of shrapnel in my butt from his very knowledgeable persona....I would like more expertise & less knowledge....the knowledge is the stuff that got him that 46% raise when he should have said pay me a dollar for the next two years because I have pillaged & raped you poor stockholders enough & I want to make it up to ya......and we would then say yea Dowd, you aren't the greedy mother sucker like the rest of your breathern, you care.....what fantasy, this ain't goann happen in a million years......cause he's as greedy as the rest.....

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