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  • hucktwain hucktwain Jun 1, 2012 11:15 AM Flag

    Wake Up America!

    It is time for everyone to wake up and run the Obama administration out of DC. And, if those who remain do not resolve some of our problems...they need to go too. It is time to scale back regulatory overkill, place a ceiling on government employment, mandate an incremental reduction on the debt, establish a simple, fair and balanced tax policy for an extended period of time, and, simply get government out of the way of the American people. The time is now...

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    • Im sure you are aware that a) government employment has shrunk under Obama and b) that government spending has increased more slowly under this administration than any in the post war period. the fact is that this economy was born of a credit bubble and died when that bubble burst. America needs to educate itself and get on with making things, not building useless condos in Florida or selling lattes to each other. I have no love for Obama but I think the issues facing us are bigger than any administration can handle. I am 100% sure that matching China in their lack of any work or environmental standards is not the way to prosperity. Neither is giving the rich more money and hoping they hire people. Weve tried that for 20 years and it hasnt worked.

    • preaching to the choir. Have to rein in government spending, subtle changes to our SS, medicare and medicaid programs. Cut back defense some. Reform the tax code, simplify and reduce all the credits and deductions put in by the special interests. And this needs to be yesterday, time is not on our side, sooner the better. More time just allows for the debt to grow faster.

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