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  • shiftsuper175607 shiftsuper175607 Oct 29, 2008 10:20 PM Flag


    I didn't say what you said.

    my point---- is Suwin worth more than the 11 million in market cap?

    cash of what? 7 million?
    A new plant up and running
    Old plants, land.
    Book value $30 million?

    We can do nothing about the share count, I just mean if you can't live with it...what is the only choice... move on to something else.
    87 million is not a huge number. Would we like less? Yes.

    You bought it, why slam it about share count. Do you tell your wife she is ugly?

    I am staying in for the ride. As I said, I can hold ten years or longer. This company may take a few years to get going,I want to see Stevia approval in US, see how that affects demand.
    they already have a good bit of established business, so we can wait. I know it is worth more than 12 cents.

    Good luck

    Diabetes is becoming epidemic.

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    • I understand your affinity for the company and appreciate your input on their end markets.

      But I'm still curious if anyone cares to opine on whether Sunwin can realistically grow to $30MM of EBITDA (or at least $10MM) without selling more equity at painfully low prices. I'm simply asking if Sunwin is capitalized properly to handle this exposive sales growth when it materializes, not questioning its business model or industry dynamics, as you seem to imply.