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  • shiftsuper175607 shiftsuper175607 Apr 7, 2009 8:50 AM Flag

    Chairman paid $347,247 Fee???

    Does not say that the money was paid to the chairman. It was paid to the corporation for general and administrative fees. That could mean a lot of things. Accounting,payroll, acquistion help, tax filing, SEC filing help, any number of reasons, could explain reasonablly the G&A costs just as well and more plausably than your conspiracy theory.
    Since it must be disclosed in the filings doesn't make sense to kill the goose that lays the golden egg.

    But again, if you don't like China, or companies there don't invest there.

    The things you have to watch out for when your dealing with these message boards is posters who seem to post negative, misleading, postings for no apparant reason.(on every board that they post on)

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    • "...who seem to post negative, misleading, postings for no apparant reason.(on every board that they post on) "

      Oh there's a reason.... they even tell you why. They are swing players. They want to maximize the swings and bashing is the way to do that.... at least they believe that.

      Plus they've got time for it... is their day-job. It's totally pathetic to me but ot each his own I suppose.

    • Silly you. Load up while it's "cheap". Why bother with a reply to a "baseless bash"?

      China has huge potential to be a positive force in the world. I have no problem with the country being run the way it's citizens decide. It's a Communist Country, the rules are different.

      Add Wall Street's ponzi boyz to the mix and you have no idea whode shell the money sits under.

      Good luck on your Sunwin, unless you're a paid pumper.

      • 1 Reply to cash2go
      • If you ask me (lol, and I know, you didn't), China is not the problem. It's our own SEC's failure to regulate what makes its way onto the OTC boards. Crime has a way of arising wherever it is allowed. People in other countries just find it less risky to run scams from a continent away (in a country like ours where the SEC makes investors into easy pickings by doing a shoddy job of securities regulation.) There is so much red tape around getting onto NYSE, etc. that legitimate small/foreign companies don't find it worth the effort/expense/time. Meanwhile, OTC/pink sheets are so loosely regulated that you can almost trip and accidentally make an IPO.
        That said, I believe that this is one of the rare *good* OTC companies. This one seems to be pretty much on the level.
        ~end of rant~