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  • styro90 styro90 Jun 29, 2011 11:04 AM Flag

    cile market cap 3 million now

    Yeah, how do you like "less regulation" now boys? As it turns out, most of the noise re regulation is by people who are upset that it is more difficult to "sleaze" their way into profits, or pollute their way into profits.

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    • the USA is cor r4pt down to the core. Higher levels of government (shadow government), stock market, big industry. Guys like R0 bert R4 bin and D1 ck Ch3ney are not getting 100's of millions of dollars from big industry because they are "so smart". Corr4ption is what is going on in the USA and mass m4 rder, pl4ndering of foreign nations. There is enough reg4lation but if you have p0 rn watching fra 4ds at places that should protect investors you know what is going on and regulation does nothing at all. Even with the internet most people do not have a clue what these th4gs at the top in the USA are doing. It is a major problem. These people act "within the law", since they are the law and have endless resources because they print the m0ney. They invad3 foreign nations and call them terrorists and the people believe these lies since it is on CNN. I do not see how this problem can be solved because most people have no clue since the fas cist media is in it as well.