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  • forgiven_squnk forgiven_squnk Sep 5, 2009 1:33 AM Flag

    Zion Oil will get you!

    forgven. you increasingly sound like a shill for the company's management. did you ever think that you may be doing them a disservice?

    besides that, pumping a stock in a public forum (as a holder of shares ie a net long) to boost the share value so that it may be sold to unsuspecting investors later on, is called "pump and dump" and is flat out illegal.

    and i don't know why YOU as a "born again"-whatever are interested in our industry anyway. oil is really nothing to do with Jesus. John Brown's hocum about the "foot of Joseph" leading him to oil is compete and utter dog ejaculate.

    and just as you are convinced Zion Oil is a valid operation I have looked at the seismic lines and geology and am convinced Zion Oil *symbol ZN is a fraud and a scam, and that its BOD should be - and will be - prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law one day.

    the fact that this religious right wing "divinely" inspired fiasco/piece of sh!t is allowed to trade on the NASDAQ shows what piss poor regulation the greedy Elitists who run Wall Street are operating. and no I am not short. being involved in ANY way with these crooks long or short is bad news.

    sue me if you want i will be more than happy to make this FRAUD a matter of public record.

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