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  • defofzion defofzion Jul 27, 2010 6:40 AM Flag

    They are trying to raise $370,000 to fund the AUDACITY BOAT......

    We are trying to emphasize who, who, who who they are that is trying to kill Israel. This man Rashid Khalili is a close friend of Of Obama who is organizing this hate boat against Gaza!I would agree with you that since the beginning of time people HAVE been trying to KILL Israel. In this last day however, biblew states Israel will have the LAST say under the AUSpices of you know WHO!

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    • God will smack them down like pesky little knats..

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      • Dear NESSY: If I were GOD or if you were GOD, would we let our favorite children get slapped around like He does.???If I were God or you were GOD, would we let the devil wreak as much HAVOC as he does in this world? proba bly good we are not GOD> He appears to handle each case on a case by case basis. I know he reponds to faith and we know He is sovereign and we know He respects free will extremely. Put all of that together and you wonder why He lets dudes like ARKMODINNERJIHARD do the things they do. Again, probably good I am not GOD. There would defin itely be more broken furniture on the surface!WHOOPS , I forgot, I dont' want my furniture broken now ,DO I?

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