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  • prophecy_hunter prophecy_hunter Oct 2, 2010 2:21 PM Flag

    Dutch coalition embraces Wilders

    Part 2

    German PPV

    Meanwhile, Geert Wilders was in Berlin, the German capital, on Saturday to announce plans for a future German branch of his Freedom Party.

    "Islam is not a religion," Wilders said in his speech before some 450 supporters. "It is above all a dangerous political ideology."

    One Wilders supporter, an American woman living in Munich since 1972, said the burqa did not belong in Europe.

    "I'm offended when I see these women with these black things all over themselves. They look like aliens, they don't look like they belong on this planet. What are they doing in Europe?" Caroline Rausch said.

    "They can wear those clothes and chop off hands and beat their wives and kill their daughters and do whatever they want in their countries and not in my country and not in Europe," she said.

    "I just feel that Islam is evil."

    The Berlin event was organised by René Stadtkewitz, who until recently was a member of the CDU in the city's parliament, but he was ousted by his party for inviting Wilders to the German capital.

    Stadtkewitz hopes to found the German branch of the Freedom Party, called Die Freiheit (freedom).

    Outside Wilders' hotel in Berlin, people held banners and waved flags, one with pictures depicting Wilders with an Adolf Hitler-like moustache.

    Wilders on trial

    Wilders, who goes on trial in the Netherlands on October 4 for inciting hatred towards Muslims, has attracted a big following by denouncing leniency towards Muslim immigration and calling for bans on the Quran and the burqa.

    Nicknamed "Mozart" for his platinum-dyed mop of hair, Wilders describes his far-right label as "nonsense", but has no hesitation branding the Quran a "fascist" book, and likening it to Hitler's Mein Kampf.

    According to prosecutors, he risks up to a year in jail or a 7,600-euro ($10,471) fine for his comments. The court will hear evidence next week, followed by the prosecution's penalty request the following week.

    Wilders will plead on October 19, and judgment is expected on November 4, according to a programme provided by the court.

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    • Hey Proph: Thanks for posting this article....I went to a live GERT WILDERS speech a year and a half ago in a Jewish Temple near BOSTON, MASS> Gert simply blew us away....He speaks in a barely audible soft voice but the things he says send chills up your spine...He is defiunitely a modern day PATRICK HENRY...He travels AMERICA telling about the dangers of ISLAM...He was not allowed in his own country for fear of death...You can tell he has made up his mind to DEFY the ODDS> He is a man of immense intestinal fortitude....The annointing was powerful at the event and as soon as he began speaking, the tears rolled down side of my face,,, He continually refers to his beloved Israel and uses them as an example of how we must resist Islam, which is not a religion in any way form or shape..It is a disdirected ideology which is totally devoid of any god except man....They beat their women to shreds and laugh about it..They breathe out murder against anyone who does not approve of them...We better smarten up here or else...The best thing you can do with Islam is to speak up instead of shut up...ALL it takes for evil to triumph is for a few good men to say nothing.... We are at seveer disadvantgage here in U>S> because the liberals side with them before they will side with us????Figure that one out??the enemy of my enemy is my friend mentality....

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      • Dean
        I have never seen him in person, but I have seen him on tv. Hi is right on. I knew you would want to see this article.

        "The best thing you can do with Islam is to speak up instead of shut up"

        I like the saying from the song, "you have to stand for something, or youll fall for anything".

        Or how about, (I wondered why somebody didnt do something, then I realized that I am somebody).

        I made a sign on wood with that saying when I was a kid, and it hangs in my room to this day. Good words to live by.

        Onward Christian Soldier!!

        Laus Deo!!!!!!!

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