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  • m.swanger m.swanger Jun 15, 2013 8:26 PM Flag

    Faith Healing Scams:


    I am glad, Rarocker, you filled me in on the 2 JW's and the coffee. I have seen been to a "faith healing show" oops, I meant service ! But this post concerns you may be interested in watching a hypnotist perform "healings." His name, go to yahoo you tube----Derren Brown,and type exposing faith healing scams; then exposing fake leg lengthening, etc and etc.

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    • I haven't read any other posts so don't know what was said BUT hate to bust your excited slobbering gotya moment trying to denigrate healing or faith healing as you state. In no way shape or form is a real Christian that has the ability to heal someone or receive real healing in the name of Jesus going to submit to or use hynotism as an instrument for healing. One should never give up willingly their control of their mind or soul for any reason because it can leave you open to a spirit that is not of G-d!! If healing is happening the Spirit of G-d will be in charge and not some fackery and faith will be activated under a full conscience state unless there is what is known as slaying in the Spirit which I am sure you would love to make fun of since you don't know and I know you don't understand. But as usual there are always anti-christ around and those trying to make a buck and unfortunately people grasping for straws that don't understand. As in anything in this world the scammers are out there but that doesn't mean healing in the Lord isn't real and persons like yourself are all to anxious to accentuate the fake and antichrists operation to generalize all healing services as scam. Sad that you yourself can be manipulated by the evil one to do his work. Trust me the scammers reward will be horrendous and there is nothing worse then to fall into the hands of a jealous G-d!!!

    • You wouldn't want those JW's to deal cards to you in a poker game, that's for sure. Derren Brown had a TV program that lasted for one season, his claim to fame on the TV program was you could pick any store, he would walk into that store and buy an expensive item, paying for it at the cashier by counting out blank paper the size of money - usually he got away with it and out the door before the cashier realized they were holding worthless blank paper. He did the most incredible things on that show, and on half of them, he told you how he did it, so you wouldn't think he had special powers. I liked his program, he must be on re-runs somewhere, he is definitely worth watching if you haven't seen him perform before. As for faith healers, people who fake God's power using magic tricks have no idea how angry that makes God, they need to repent.

    • My good buddy and confidant, nobear, says he has a leg that can almost magically lengthen and shorten itself. Sometimes it is under his conscious control, and sometimes he says the darn thing seems to have a mind of it's own. I'm not quite sure what to make of his story myself.

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