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  • surferjoe10toes surferjoe10toes Jul 22, 2013 1:25 PM Flag

    Something to chew on

    Get ready I think it is about to happen soon! Izy-el has been taking out radar systems it appears in Syria and Lebanon in preparation for a take out and then Puurrsiaa is on the screen for a big bash. When this happens oil and gold will probably go ballistic so I would set yourself up NOW if you are making any investments. Wonder and abgeiss talking gold/silver and a great play NOW and on any pull back is NUGT (this is a mining 3X play) and is moving big and is still cheap. It had pulled back about 80% or more and is moving big. AGQ for silver another 3X play and is similiar type play. With these don't panic if pulls back because they will rebound and good chance BIG. So cost average but this stuff could happen quickly with Izyal, time running out with Netty and they will handle it themselves!! Another possible big event is an announcement the elimination of all cash and this could happen at next FED statement at the end of July!!!!! So big hits could initially take place on news and then more rush into metals. Ity is a time to play defense and cover your 6 and you might make a pretty good bundle, the ball is in your court, you don't have to believe me but you know trouble is coming!! Don't panic and remember your source and keep your faith in He who is faithful to keep you!!! Jesus is Lord and He gives you wisdom and discernment and blesses all you put your hand to IF you believe and have FAITH and actually walk in it!!! If you don't like what I posted then ignore, you surely won't hurt my feelings but thought this might help a few who were wondering what was going on. Another side point, all the bullion banks are now long gold! The big boys rule

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    • Israel is at peace when the tribulation starts - in fact, it will be at peace for the entire first year (the time of peace is needed to rebuild the temple). The return of the Lord is a surprise, therefore, it will happen like destruction in Sodom and Gomorrah, remember Lot couldn't even get his relatives to believe the end was near, why? because the economy was good and everything was going fine. Surely, if the end was near, things wouldn't be going so well, they thought. We are told the same, When the Lord returns the economy will be booming and everything will be fine, just like in Sodom and Gomorrah, and no one will expect the end is at hand (unless you know about the red hieffer and the wooden bridge across the Kydron Valley).
      If you want to make money on the inside information (the Bible) concerning end time events, and you are sure the end time events are at hand, you should buy long, put your money and faith into the economy, the DOW, the S&P, European Stocks, the works. And just some advice, stop giving money to frauds and false prophets.

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      • A couple of things #1 Seeing what Israel might do to defend themselves and seeing some of the moves they are making knowing the situation in Syria/Lebanon/Persia etc. doesn't mean I am making money on end time events. It is using common sense with the situation. This isn't Zek w/ Magog/Gog. #2 when looking at end time I believe you are right in part about prosperity, one has to look to whom Jesus was speaking in say Matt.24 it is a mixed bag v.6-7 talks about wars/famines/pestilences earthquakes etc. and He is talking to the disciples so much of what he is saying could very well pertain to Israel because He says they will deliver you up for persecution. Now Israel at this time is enjoying a form of prosperity and if you look at US we are to compared to others unfortunately many forget who Jesus is talking to. Lets not forget v 38 For as the days of Noah which seemed to be party time and forms of prosperity and sin abound as it does today. So again I don't totally disagree it is a mixed bag, if you are getting blown up it doesn't much matter. #3 You don't know who I am giving money/time/etc. to so a blatant statement like that isn't warranted. False prophets will abound v. 11 but your constant attacks are off base and getting old. Surfer

    • What a bunch of kooks looking to make money of of end time events. I can see your hearts are in the right place. Is this really what Jesus would want you to be focused on if the end were coming soon. Raven thinks you have all been sold a repackaged prosperity gospel and have swallowed it hook line and sinker. When that happens, the only thing you can do is gut the fish. Oh, you disagree, then go ahead and test a dry well three times in a row to see if it is still dry. What a plan. Someone with a lot of intelligence had to dream that one up. But then maybe they are smarter than we think, let's see how they spin it and whether it can generate some dollars. The Raven may have to reconsider. After all, Benny Hinn is pretty good at it too.


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      • #1-why do you have a job (union at that) #2 I never mentioned Benny in any of my posts #3 Wonder nailed it (about the talents) #4 I didn't think you believed Jesus was returning anytime soon #5 What is wrong with prosperity, usually people that don't have are the biggest complainers instead of being happy for those who have especially in the kingdom sound like a spirit of jealous envy. #6 If a christian makes money means more tithes and offerings. #7 It is none of your business what I do with my prosperity as to where I make offerings and there are so many great men/women of G-d out there doing His work other then the few names you seem to want to denigrate. I would sure be careful about attacking the men/women of G-d because you got a burr up that dark place even if they don't meet your standard, G-d will take care of it!!!!! #8 It seems you spend most of your time sitting at the computer instead of doing those things you complain of others to be doing. The Surfer has spaken! Oh wait, sorry that is your line and I doubt gold or silver will make you any money, you don't like it so ignore my suggestions and who knows, maybe I am totally wrong so relax and then you can gloat and say I told you so, you are good at that type of stuff!!!

      • Benny is at work reaching the LOST.We all have our part in the Body.
        I suggest you do the Same and quit attacking the Brothers and Body of Christ.
        I hid your money Lord as I knew you to be an astute Man.
        Y'shua replied take the one talent from the UNPROFITABLE SERVANT and give it to the one with TEN and cast that Lazy Servant into outer Darkness.

        Get to work Rave before it's too late.

        Wonder : )

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • If you think all cash is going to be eliminated, wouldn't you want to be long Visa and MasterCard?

    • I admire a Man who can spot intelligence...
      This Board is like an empty wasteland when it comes to intelligence.
      It's refreshing to see a few guy's here like you who I can relate to.
      That is why I came back to this Board ( ZN Not yet Spudding) early to bring signs of life and battle the War against ignorance that is here Day by Day And Minute by Minute..
      If it's not Twitch aka Joker or Swanger who thinks he's going to Live in Heaven Forever without accepting Y'shua as Savoir and G_D then It's JT losing Faith in ZN. Thank G-D there's a Few of us Left.
      PH /Salamon /Thw/Timmead/clark _kent /canary yellow/DBY/Nessmess/Research4insight/beatle_Music_777
      and Yourself included.
      Keep up the Good fight against the Empty Headed Syndromes.

      Wonder ..

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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