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  • m.swanger m.swanger Jul 24, 2013 11:07 AM Flag

    pimps and money


    a recent post between several of us is over money. My faith does not view money and tithes as does the Christian. It never has. But my faith does not have men and women expousing a name it and claim, word of faith, seed planting, binding up, etc and etc. theology. A poster rightly said it was no ones business who or even if he gave tithes. Quite true----in this life. However, take note you and (I) will give an account at the last judgment of everything we have done in life. There will be no washing under the blood all the things you did. It will be exposed for all of creation to witness. We WILL give an accounting of all things and God will make us tell why we did what we did especially if we claim we did it in his name. Because he guards his name and take note of its use and MISUSE. beware you give your money. Christians, your Rabbi Jesus has told you to: feed the poor, clothe the naked, visit those imprisoned, etc and to keep all his commandments. If he is the messiah as you claim and will judge you, he will call you out over these matters. So do you personally do as he commanded or simple slip money in the mail or at your collection plate at church and then pat yourself and say what a good thing you did? there are also those who claim my faith that hustle on wall street and do wrong. Trust this dear christian, God will one day call them out over it and their heritage will be of very little value because to say we are of Moses has little merit unless we try to do as Father Moses has said.

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    • No doubt there are men perverting the word of G-d and unfortunately you and a few others seem to dwell on lumping all preachers that might preach about prosperity from G-d into one bag of reprobate preachers. Not knowing the full meaning of prosperity and denigrating those that believe that our G-d is a supplier of all our needs according to the power of the Spirit that works in us is anathema to you and some others. Scripture does say give and it will be given unto you good measure shaked down pressed together and running over (short version) and I don't deny it also depends on the heart and faith of the giver but that prosperity can take all kinds of forms. Giving of money will truly tell where a mans heart is and it can take time to have a cheerful-joyful heart when giving but that also comes as we grow in the Lord and our faith grows to trust without doubt that He will take care of you!!!! G-d tells us to be expectant and if He said it I will endeavor to do what He says. You have Malachi 3:10 in the OLD TEST--BRING all the tithes into the storehouse and TRY ME and see if I will not open for YOU the windows of heaven! And He also reveals the blessing and also says HE will rebuke the devourer! Now I have heard all the arguments about who that pertains to etc. so don't try to lecture but G-d says He will bless!!!! Now if others don't want to receive it is not my problem but I know what G-d says to do and someone like yourself that talks about the keeping of the law this should be right down your ally. You talk about feeding the poor A-OK serving etc. I am all for it but each should do what G-d has placed in your heart and not be like the Pharisees and try to let everyone know how great we are and blahblahblah. Scripture says don't let the left hand know what the right hand is doing, meaning we do it for G-d and not the slap on the back from others telling us how gret they think we are. Now that is prosperity gospel in a short version!

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