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  • surferjoe10toes surferjoe10toes Sep 25, 2013 9:34 PM Flag

    Raven, I'll make this an easy one for you

    I speak in tongues and not to forget there are also other gifts of the Spirit along with manifestations of Wisdom/Understanding/Knowledge and discernment of spirits etc. Is that an easy enough target for you and your pseudonym buddies. Swanger don't even bother I won't respond to you and probably not to the rambling blabber either because it will be out of context the scriptures or you just wont have sufficient knowledge and understanding of it (hey those are gifts of Spirit) --But I still love you as hard as they may be for you to grasp

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    • What tongues do you speak in and how does this gift operate?


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      • Again you and buddies don't get the reason for speaking in tongues in personal prayer. Yes if tongues are meant for message to others there should be an interpretation and done orderly not in confusion because you are correct in that unbelievers and those that really don't have the gift can create an atmospher not of G-d and sometimes it is innocent but as always the anti-christ spirit is more then anxious to step in and create confusion. But I direct you to 1Corin.2 (For he who speaks in a tongue does not speak TO MEN but to G-d, for no one UNDERSTANDS him;however in the spirit he speaks mysteries.) What tongues were meant for is a release of mans spirit controled by the Holy Spirit from within and prays for what is truly needed for that person and also gives praise to G-d. It can also guide you to helping and praying for others and their needs and even lead you to give a message to another but one sure has to be very careful with this. It still all comes down to total yielding to G-d and seeking His fullness in ones self but pride is a major obstruction to most. It is still a gift Luke 11:13 and if read in the Amplified gives a better understading of the verb---keep on asking-- I hope this gives a little better light on where I/we are coming from.

    • well I intend to reply anyways. # I posted and said the tongues spoken of in Acts was people speaking in an understood language, i.e. You speak English/I speak Italian. Somehow you get secretly inspired and get the ability to talk to me in Italian and you then tell me religious stories. I am impressed, not by the fables, but rather your ability to speak my language. #2 Pentecost was not a bunch of jibber according to the mainline pastors I have spoken with. #3 I assume you speak jibber but are lead by your brain to think this is somehow holy. #4 OK. I have literal intrepration of Acts Pentecost posted. Now you step up and give me the deeper meaning. I am interested in how unknown babble spoken of in pentecost churches, such as Assembly of God, where no one understands a thing in any way edifies God the Creator or stirs up spiritual yearning in an unbeliever of Jesus such as myself

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      • Surfer doesn't listen and can't learn, that is not wisdom or understanding, so I'm responding to you, not surfer. There is a relationship between Pentecost and the giving of the Ten Commandments, beyond them happening on the same day. Very briefly, when the thunderings (on the mountain top) happened, the Rabbi's teach that the thunderings was God speaking in the 70 known languages of the earth, which split off and went out into the world. So the origin of speaking in tongues is the giving of the Ten Commandments (not something the apostles made up on the spot), and the teaching is clear from this, speaking in tongues is speaking in a language (a foreign language) that the LISTENER can understand. It is not speaking in foolish jibberish, as is practiced today.

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