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  • surferjoe10toes surferjoe10toes Jun 4, 2014 11:42 PM Flag

    Point of interest for those that care


    It seems that they are in the process of weaving the curtain that separates the Holy of Holies. It is monumental in that it measures 66ft. by 33 ft. and is 2 inches thick. The work is being done in Shiloh. So it seems that all the parts are coming together. I would venture it probably will make no difference if oil is discovered or not. Just a thought.

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    • No reference, no explanation, no biblical context. Did you pull this out of the air, literally, while listening to a religious broadcast or reading the internet? The Raven is once again concerned that you are following and listening to every ruffle of the wind without understanding where the wind comes from and who makes it blow. It is good you left Zion Oil especially after failing to follow the warnings about Adira Energy. It is good to be wise as serpents yet innocent as doves.


    • Good info..........but the LORD has NOT brought John Brown this far in this GOD given quest to let it fade away.
      The TIMING of this event is EVERMOST CRITICAL!

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      • My statement had no intent to choose sides in Zion Oil one way or the other but I do think that Water and natural gas will supersede choices made by nations in the near future. It also seems that elements for the new temple are also coming together. I do hope and pray that oil is discovered but I have moved on and it is a shame the bitterness that is still evident on this matter as to validity of JB forthrightness. Even as a Christian and a man of faith I do find it difficult to understand what is going on with the resources that are available. I mean no harm or ill will, just my thoughts and observations but if possible I do hope the hand of G-d moves and a miracle takes place because that seems the only real possible event to complete the dream.

    • What's monumental about a 66 by 33 ft curtain?

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      • It's not really a curtain, no correct translation for it is available in English. Two are used, one behind the other with narrow walkway between and an opening at each end, each leather wall is about 6 inches thick, it's sown together out of a large number of animal skins, each weighing over 4 tons. The care and handling of this is a big deal, to prevent the leather from cracking and or layered animal skins from separating. And you don't open these curtains to enter, they pretty much hang in place, immovable by a human - that's why there is an opening at each end with a walkway between the curtains. There are many amazing things about the temple that people miss, okay Twich, I agree with Wonder on this, and like Toes says, nothing to see here, move on: it's just an 8 ton curtain.

      • Twitch
        Take 33 away from 66 and you have your IQ.

        Wonder : )

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