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  • bman2000 bman2000 Aug 14, 1998 5:45 PM Flag

    Larry Tisch

    Can somebody give me some background info on Tisch? Is there any info on the Web on this guy? If so where?

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    • 150,000 sell block at 10 a.m. I wonder who keeps selling this stock at these low levels!

    • The book value of this stock is $12. I don't know what's the problem with it these days, but I don't believe that it will drop to the book value!

    • So is SLB.HAL,GLM,and everyone else in this goddamn business, there's gonna be some incredable buys coming up,it may be tomorrow or six months, but some serious money will be made!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • OPEC clearly miscalculated by increasing

      However, the Asian depression and lack of worldwide demand
      is the real problem. If it had been an oversupply
      problem caused by an OPEC increase, the subsequent
      cutbacks OPEC made would have corrected it or would begin
      to correct it by now.

      Also, oil is not the
      only commodity which is down big. Practically all of
      them are down (Corn, Wheat, Bean, Gas, Copper, etc).
      Even Cotton is not as high as it should be given the
      100+ temps in Texas for so long. This is not OPEC and
      its not weather (although these are factors). Its

      The real danger is that the Asia depression will
      spread to the US stock market. It has already spread to
      the oil drillers. Most CNBC viewers (and broadcast
      people) could care less about this sector. They will care
      more if and when the overpriced Dells, MSFT's,
      Cisco's, Tellabs, Coke, GE's start to go down

      I am hopefull that the general market and high tech
      won't crash. However, I have learned that HOPE is a
      dangerous word in the stock market.

      good luck.

    • the book value of this stock before it turns around.

    • Maybe the "godamned thug" will buy back a few shares and help us out if we are nice to him. You made your bed,now sleep in it.

      P.S. I'm not sleeping so good myself.

    • So what the F___ does a college degree have to do
      with any thing.
      There are numerous CEO's and
      presidents out there that have no
      degree. Sometimes (most
      of the time) the school of hard knocks
      provide a much better education than any ivy league
      I take it your long at the 52 wk high b/c someone
      pumped you into
      this stock. There are great oppt's.
      out there in the oil patch these days if your not
      into instant gratification...

    • The President of the company is godamned thug. He doesn't even have a college degree and he's out there slinging it with the big boys.

      The bastage loves company.

      Go to hell.

    • Watch this pig go down.

    • especially if you got in earlier this year, but I
      believe we have a great opportunity with many of these
      oil related stocks. They are all way off their 52 wk
      highs. Look at Global Marine (GLM) Tidewater (TDW)
      Halliburton (HAL) and of course DO. I think they are at
      bargain basement prices. Merrill has all of these at
      "buys". I'd be moaning too if I got in earlier and
      fortunately I did not, so I am accumulating all these stocks
      right now.

      Good Luck!

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