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  • stockchatter stockchatter Mar 27, 1999 1:40 AM Flag


    I work for an investment firm and was talking to
    one of our mutual fund managers about Eidos. He's
    known of and liked Eidos for quite some time. But he's
    just now starting to purchase it for his fund. Why?
    The fund, as many are, is limited to investing in
    companies which are a certain size. Eidos was too small,
    but now with its rising stock price its market
    capitalization is quite larger and large mutual funds can take
    positions. This may sound stupid, but it's the reality of
    institutional investing. It proves that Wall Street isn't
    always ahead of the curve and individual investors in
    many ways have an advantage. This stock will continue
    to rise!

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    • Eidos is continuingto put out high quality games.
      Warzone 2100 has some of the best graphics of any
      strategy games yet. Manipulation of various views is
      great. The game itself is wonderful too. Congrats
      Eidios, you have done it again. I also took a look at how
      GEX III was doing. Seems to be selling well. I'm not
      sure how much this will factor into end othe year
      numbers, but it should definitely make for a very nice
      first quarter.

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      • Quite a bullish article in the Wall Street
        Journal Europe this friday. Among other things it said

        - institutional investors are starting to buy this
        - stock largely undervalued now, at twice its
        current price it would still be in the lower range of
        valuation of comparable companies of the sector
        - best
        product line up yet

        Great opportunity for those
        ones who are buying now.The ride is not over