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  • mandan14shooter mandan14shooter Mar 31, 2014 1:10 PM Flag

    Sherwin-Williams Acrylic Enamel....

    i probably haven't painted a car/truck in over 15 years, but back in the day when Acrylic Enamel was at the top, SW Acrylic Enamel was the best out there inho. It was closest to a factory paint job as you could get. Better than Centari, better than Martin Senour and better than the rest. 30 bucks a gallon and i believe it was reduced 150 %, which was enough material to paint two full size cars. You could throw another 30 bucks in there to buy a hardener, but that wasn't necessary. imho, Acrylic enamel is probably the most difficult paint to shoot. There's a very fine line there between flowing it out and running it. When you leave the paint booth, it has to look good, but it will flow out a little more. Then along came Imron and blew all the acrylic enamels away. Their Metallic paints are simply beautiful. Three quarts of material and a quart of activator for 100 bucks at that time, which was enough for one car. Two coats and you have a beautiful paint job that will still have a nice shine 20 years later. It doesn't rub out easy, like acrylic enamel, so it has to be right the first time. Now the basecoat/clearcoat systems are here and the prices on automotive paint have gone through the roof. Most all the activated primers and sealers were excellent back then, but i think the PPG product line of K200, K36 primers and DP Sealers were the best choice. The amateur painters out there are probably crying in their beer, but the death of Lacquer painjt and products is a good thing. my humble opinion of course....

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    • Ummmm, SW, MS, Acme & Rogers were Sherwin. I say were 'cuz Acme & Rogers are ancient history.
      MS is Sherwin with a NAPA label. So put that in your Binks # 7.

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      • Never had a Binks 7, but that was top of the line back then. Went 7 quarters to So. Seattle Community College, which was the best in trade schools. So many trades with so much to learn. Learn a trade for 75 bucks a quarter. An ol body man named Don Tyler taught us all how to metal finish, hammer weld and we did pick his brain. We all had to pass his oxy-acetylene welding tests with 22 gauge steel and most all of us did numerous completes before we left. The owner of a DuPont store came in one day and was nice enough to give everyone a Sharpe gun on credit and also gave everyone shop prices on material. A nice DeVilbiss and HVLP came later. That school turned into jobs at local body shops for some of us and i also worked three years at two street rod shops, chopping tops, rust repair, customizing etc. and 9 months at a well known 55-57 Tbird restoration shop, where i did all the mud work on rotisserie restorations. Unkl Frank, John the Painter and myself. 9 months of doing nothing but mud work is no fun, but when work is scarce, you have to gut it out....

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