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  • scarbrobill scarbrobill Jul 1, 2013 7:11 PM Flag

    LEAP, S and TMUS

    The old guys I drink coffee with believe Ergin will make a big bid for one of these before this w/e. My bet is he will make a bid for all of Sprint if it is still legal. (I don't know how the law is, since SB has a bid.) 35 billion will buy S which includes CLWR. This put Charlie into wireless big time real fast on the cheap.
    Most think TMUS will be the target. Cost too much and not get enough for his buck. .

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    • I think it's just a matter of time before some other company tries to acquire TMUS. DISH, Softbank, Google, Berkshire, perhaps even Disney? Who knows?.....but TMUS is in the speculation spotlight because of this. Even Cramer said he liked TMUS......just sayin'

    • Ergen is done with S/CLWR end of story.

    • scar what are you saying that Softbank is going to sell sprint to dish. that is an original thought but not ta say much sounds crazy to me. you do understand dish could have lost a lot on the sprint clearwire deal if Softbank and sprint did not bid it up. now he saved that money burnt out Softbank and has free sailin on tmus for a short period of time. I think if he don t get crankin Softbank mite reload and come back in to get tmus and have the biggest and best system in the world. anyway glad to see some people have points of view here thanx for the thoughts

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      • You may be onto something there. If DISH doesn't go for TMUS now, eventually S/SB may make a grab for it. Either way this appears to be a likely buyout target for someone. Rolling TMUS into S + CLWR seems like it would go along with Son's vision to take on ATT & VZ. He could potentially become #1 with that lineup. The big X factor there would be the regulators. Would they allow 3 giant carriers vs. 2 giant + 2 smaller carriers?

        In that regard Ergen would have a clearer unopposed path to TMUS.

    • How about TMUS and LEAP? He could probably get LEAP for a song and there isn't much overlap between what was previously PCS and current LEAP markets. I wouldn't be at all surprised to see TMUS buy what's left of LEAP if DISH doesn't make the move first.

    • Sprint is out. Cleawire undecided. Leap too insignificant. TMobile a last resort. Don't hold your breath waiting. Dish surprise coming.

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