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  • samkahl1995 samkahl1995 Sep 9, 2013 11:50 AM Flag

    What cell carrier do you personally use?

    I've been extremely satisfied with my T-Mobile service and really think this company has an awesome strategy. I won't be switching anytime soon...

    What are your experiences with your cell providers, personally?

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    • verizon. has the best coverage. but now i want to add an ipad
      and i am maxed out since i am paying for inlaws phones 10.00 a month * 3 plus me and wife
      we pay a boat load now and the new plan share everything would be about 250-300 per month just for cell phones not to mention broadband cable and home phone.

    • Straight Talk works for me renew at Walmart once a month when i shop and eliminate all thoselittle state and local taxes.Coverage same as any carrier.

    • I was paying over $200 with ATT for 3 iPhones, now I am with Solavei a very unique one of a kind company that pays you back for each customer month after month after month...I am making $400 per month and my service cost $147 plus tax Unlimited Talk,Text,Data and 3 brand new iPhones! I couldn't be happier, LTE is not worth the extra bucks, to me it made no sense. I never thought this would turn into a side income, i just wanted to cut ATT bill down, but now I can see making $1250 monthly before to long . they are using T-Mobile backbone but not the LTE yet...we earn by sharing so if anyone would like info contact me and I would be more than happy to get you started off on the right foot Rodger

    • I use a combo of magicjack and tracfone.I use the magicjack plus for home phone as well as free magicjack app on a kindle fire hd(wifi only) which uses the same number as my home phone.I use tracfone for rare occasions when I don't have access to wifi,so I only need minimal minutes for the tracfone.Magicjack is $2.50 a month($30 a year) and tracfone costs me $7 a month($20 card every 3 months).They both work well (believe it or not)and my total monthly cost for both is about $10.

    • metro but they are getting reemed by tmus and they better quit it

    • I use Verizon. When I signed up, they were the only ones covering where I lived. Now I'm grandfathered into the unlimited data plan, and V has the best coverage by far. So despite their less than admirable business practices and lacking customer service, I'm staying with them.

    • I was on AT&T for 7 years with 3 lines and moved to Tmobile and have 5 lines. My bills with AT&T were around $165 a month and now with Tmobile it is $85 a month.

      On AT&T we had 1300 minutes shares with calling free to other AT&T users along with 2GB of data on two of the lines

      With Tmobile I have 5 lines under the family value plan. 2 with unlimited text and voice along with 2GB of data. The other three lines have unlimited text and 500 minutes for each line. I had to transfer the three phones we had from AT&T and also I bought two more of Amazon for about $40 a piece ( sort of cheap, but get the job done ) . Also I signed up for federation of american consumers which give you an additional 12% off on your plan.

      The call quality is pretty good on Tmobile, but one out of every 20-25 calls sounds like you have a huge echo. I always tell the person I will call right back and it is fixed. It is easy to deal with since my bill is so low. To be honest I am sort of a frugal consumer and like paying half of what I was before with 2 additional lines. Keeping this plan forever !!

    • Was with AT&T and T-Mobile for years. Switched some T-Mobile lines to Verizon last Fall. Switched them back to T-Mobile this past spring. And that's the truth. I found Verizon to be thorough but extremely bureaucratic. Great customer service but did I mention bureaucratic? I also thought Verizon's voice service sounded OK but not nearly as crisp as I thought it would be. T-Mobile can be a bit disorganized in it's customer service, but the price is right especially for those in urban areas. But if you live in a rural area not on a major interstate or US highway, the service there is not so good.

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