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  • dndrafter dndrafter Feb 22, 2014 12:02 AM Flag

    ALERT .. If you're in Jump Program T-Mobile .. you should know this !

    Alert.. If you're in Jump Program T-Mobile .. you should know this !
    It's not simple as you would like too... Pay $10. insurance per month and after 6 months trade in your phone to get a new one and how much money you've been paying on your phone will be transferred to the new phone.

    However, There is something you don't know because T-Mobile is not stupid. in fact, they robe you but you don't know. Here is a deal:
    1/ After 6 months ... let say you bought a $600. phone. Six months later it's worth only $400. or may be less.
    and when you trade in your phone to get a new one ($600.) you must pay $200 more out of your pocket.

    2/ If you lost your phone even though you have insurance cover ($10 per month you pay) They want you to deductible $150. out of your pocket ... !!!

    3/ I've been robbed by T Mobile. God bless you all !

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    • If by "robbed" you mean "failed to read the terms of the agreement", then you sure have.

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      • Sure.. I'm not smarter than Tmobile CEO. There are things that Tmobile will never let you know exactly which option is better ... you just have to find out by yourself ! That's why I'm here to let people know that "Jump Program" is not worth it.
        1/ Actually, $175 deductible if you lost your phone. you have to pay before you get a new phone. ( plus $10. per month to pay for the phone insurance coverage)
        example: I have been pay six months = $60. + $175 deductible = $135 pay this amount if you lost your phone. The longer you hold on to your phone before you lost it will cost more money. (six months is $60. but 1 year is $120. plus $175. deductible !

        2/ I bought my phone $600. six months ago. Now, I bring it to tmobile store to get another one. Jump program will let you upgrade to new phone after 6 months. They said that my phone is worth $400. the values goes down after 6 months. So, if i trade it the phone i have to pay the different between the new phone and the old phone. !!

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