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  • easymoney216 easymoney216 Apr 7, 2014 8:10 PM Flag

    Mid $20's

    As I stated a number of times TMUS will be taken out in the $25 / $28 range and that includes the 20% Prem.
    and that is only if they can find a buyer now. I stated the $30's was all about Hype many posters said $40's some said even more .But when you step back and look at it as I did TMUS has not really got much of anything going for itself and was only a matter of time until another carrier or Two went with a better plan to take customers such as T-Mobil and Sprint with the cash to work with also.

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    • easy, i do not understand why you are enlighenteing these cave dwellers who are used to living in the dark of their own ignorance. leave them there to accumulate more losses in this monumentally inflated tmus with pe of 630. this whole thing is a joke. wall street keeps on cheering this loser for their own self interest and this loser keeps on believing the dangerous hype.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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      • well Mr Boston I only feel it is right not to mislead any New players that visit the board and takes any value in these post . I was never a man to bet my money on only a quarter report without looking and researching the true value of a company. also the last thing you want to bet on is a merger that never came to the table at least not one that layed no starting figure on the table. Stand up look at the long line of buyers standing outside of TMUS windows lol hope that tells you something .

        now maybe in November we may see a little action once DT shares are unlocked and they cane sell their 68 % ownership in TMUS or at least the 51% Softbanks may be willing to take off their hands for control. But my figures have always stated the mid $20 and looks like we will see that figure shortly the way this Puppy is fallen

      • Plese excuse boston ... he's still eating his evening cereal sprinkled with stupids

      • That right Beans, you're the epitome of an enlightened being.

    • I'm new to this board, but I think TMUS is acting like a desperate investor. They think they can make a change in the market by throwing pennies at it. But in reality they would be better off investing their money into something more positive than trying to change the flow of a river. I usually cheer for the underdog, but TMUS needs more than a cheerleader right now.

    • I'm in a similar boat as ghetto. I don't like the decline, but am holding as I think this market has taken too much, from too many, that are not the issue. Vodaphone would be a serious stretch for Son. A merger with S is the best for all, even though the Feds have their heads up their butts, as usual.

    • Still going for that broken clock approach, eh? Funny how every time you've said that, the stock price has gone back up.

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      • you have a strange way of looking up. 52 wk of $34 today is $30 that is down the way I see it .
        also the buyout rumor took it from mid $20's to $30 if you would like to research it and now with Sons eye on Vodafone unless there is a partnership with Sprint you are looking at a more downward swing then up . ( but the way you view things that is up Right? ).
        You may want to consider investing your Lunch money in more stable things.

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