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  • nextinbreed nextinbreed Oct 8, 2007 3:22 PM Flag

    how the numbers work?

    can someone pls help with the numbers.
    eric beder is the only one who covers this stock.
    maybe someone out there can give me a better view for the coming earnings report.
    sales for the first 6 months were 16 mill. beder has sales for the full year at 35.8 mill. that means he is looking for sales to be in the 10 mill range per qtr for the last 2 qtrs.

    they had a 1/2 cent profit for the first half of 2007.
    beder has them making .04 for the year.

    so here are the questions. if they made 1/2 cent on sales of 16 mill for the first half, how do they make 3.5 cents on 20 mill for the 2 half? all of these numbers were in his report before the cuts in staff. should we adjust profits up for staff cuts? when did they ship to the new customers they signed in june. will thoses sales count for the q3 or q4 or both?
    k-man said he thinks they will have sales of 10.5 mill in the q3. he also told us " how can anyone know the numbers if they didn't see the order book".
    well beder feels he has the numbers, k-man throws out numbers, I just tought someone could help me make sense of them.

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    • yes you are right. If i had 18mill shares i would want them to go to 100.00 maybe even 200.00 but i don't. maybe i should wish upon }

      Yes Shite in one hand wishes in the other ....see which comes true first

    • how do you pick stocks? maybe you should be the one in muni-funds. numbers are the only thing that count. jeans look great. who cares if the don't sell. palmer is smart guy. who cares if he can't sell jeans. shipping to 6 countries in europe. who cares if europeans don't buy them. Palmer fires everyone at blue. saves a lot of money but doesn't sell any jeans. sales fall to 1 mill, stock rises to 4.00 with a mkt cap of 104mill. thats how you got to 100 mill mkt cap. who's better than you. go k-man go

    • nextinbreed:

      You are talking to a rank amateur. Save the bandwidth !

    • pls help. i can't do the simple math. that's why i asked you. how do you get to a mkt cap of 100.00 mill? what are the sales numbers? beder only gets sales up to 43.5 in 2008 and a price tgt of 3.00 again. 3.00 times 26.2 mill shares equals 78.6 mill. how did you get to 4.00 and mkt cap of 104.8 mill. in the future pls use a disclaimer on your posts. ALL TALK NO NUMBERS TO BACK IT UP.

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